Tea Party's Amedeo bashes Pro-Life legislation

The two guys who apparently own the Skylands Tea Party group are willing to trash anything, even the Pro-Life movement.  In a Facebook post on the "William Jefferson Hayden for State Senate" page Amedeo wrote:

The legislation Amedeo is attacking is called the 20/20 "Babies in the Womb Feel Pain" bill.  Senator Oroho introduced the legislation at the request of the Pro-Life movement in New Jersey. 


The goal of the 20/20 Project is to pass legislation to address the scientific fact that unborn babies are pain-sensitive at 20 weeks.  Every other country on earth recognizes this fact except North Korea, China, Vietnam, Singapore, Canada, and the Netherlands.  Senator Steve Oroho is the prime sponsor of legislation in the State Senate, while Assemblyman Parker Space and Assemblywoman Gail Phoebus have co-sponsored companion legislation in the State Assembly.  Similar legislation has been passed in 14 states and 2017 has been designated as the year of the big push to bring our laws into line with the rest of the civilized world.


The 20/20 Project is an ecumenical movement embracing members representing many religious denominations.  It is actively supported by numerous Christian and Jewish congregations and its work has been taken up by several organizations including the Respect Life Office of the Archdiocese of Metuchen, the Respect Life Office of the Archdiocese of Newark, Project LEARN, the New Jersey Family Policy Council, New Jersey Right to Life, the Center for Garden State Families, Corazon Puro, LifeNet, the League of American Families, among others.


Despite the best efforts of pro-abortion, social liberals like New York City lawyer Douglas Amedeo to label this legislation "Dead-on-Arrival", there are thousands of volunteers working across New Jersey to pass the 20/20 "Babies in the Womb Feel Pain" bill.  There are many thousands more praying for its passage.


Last October, there was a major planning conference in Scotch Plains to work out grassroots lobbying and prayer events in support of the 20/20 bill.  Hundreds of activists attended, including many from Sussex County.  At this 20/20 Vision Conference (Equal Rights for Babies in the Womb) the Pro-Life movement announced that passage of the 20/20 bill was its number one legislative priority. 


The "advertising" Amedeo referenced in his attack on Oroho was a call to prayer, this being Lent.  Secularists like Doug Amedeo and Bill Hayden get angry when they see elected officials ask people to pray -- in this case for infants in the womb.


To further add to his "sin" (in the minds of Amedeo and Hayden), Senator Oroho asked people to attend a meeting to pass the 20/20 bill in Sussex County.


 On Thursday, April 20th, at 7:30pm, the 20/20 Project will hold a presentation and prayer meeting at Our Lady of the Lake Parish Center, 294 Sparta Avenue, in Sparta.  The presentation will be delivered by Christine Flaherty, the Executive Director of LIFENET. 


Amedeo, the President of the Skylands Tea Party, actually trashed the entire Pro-Life movement and the National Right to Life scorecard in his rant on Facebook:

How misguided is Doug Amedeo.  Apparently Amedeo and Hayden only support scorecards put out by libertarians who support Pro-abortion, Pro-same sex marriage, Pro-legalized narcotics, Pro-legalized prostitution, and Pro-amnesty for illegal aliens.  That is who they follow.  


The idea that Douglas Amedeo and William Jefferson Hayden chose the eve of Palm Sunday, of Holy Week, in the season of Lent, to make this unwarranted attack on another human being (Steve Oroho) just because he recognizes that unborn children are humans too, is sad.  Perhaps these two need a prayer as well, so that they will temper their hate, and place their pride to one side, and embrace legislation designed to end the suffering of many thousands of our fellow human beings.