Nathan Orr & David Atwood issue a put-down to voters

Recently, the Far-Left, America-hating, George Soros-backed Daily Kos website has been trashing the hill country of Northwest New Jersey, specifically Sussex County and Sussex County's own Parker Space. 


We all know Parker Space.  We know his family.  Parker is a farmer.  Of hay and livestock and manure.  Parker's hands speak of a lifetime of hard work.  In cold weather and hot humidity.  Beasts must be fed, must be cared for, no matter. 

Parker is the kind of man who can birth a lamb, deal with a rattlesnake, balance a budget, grow a business, maintain employees, and watch a community grow. 


If your house catches fire, Parker Space and his son show up to put the fire out.  It used to be Parker Space and his dad showed up -- and before that, his dad and grandad -- you get the picture.  If someone in the community is going through a rough patch, it is Parker who shows up with a turkey at Thanksgiving -- no government program necessary.  And after all this, he still found time to serve as a local mayor, a county freeholder, and now, a member of the state legislature.


The Far-Left fashionistas at the millionaire-owned Daily Kos look down on the hard work that people in Sussex County do.  Unfortunately, two candidates for public office -- Nathan Orr and David Atwood -- have joined the Daily Kos in their putdowns of Sussex County.  The two candidates piled on by sending out a Facebook post that mocked the education levels of Sussex County leaders. 


The fact that they did this the day after the liberal billionaire-owned Advance Media put out an attack on Sussex County and Parker Space for wanting to get tough on drug traffickers , was thoughtless.  One bigoted liberal commenting on the Advance Media story actually wrote this:


"Space needs to go the way of Scott Garrett!! Send him back to the pig farm! Idiot Republican traitors and dictators."


Another, apparently radical Leftist, demanded action that is, frankly, illegal:


"We need to get him out of office. Close polling places in areas that go heavily for Space. Whatever it takes."

So now the Left wants to take away your right to vote!


Nathan Orr and David Atwood have made common cause with these leftists.  Why?


Perhaps they feel they are better than most who live in Sussex County?  Let's hope these two straighten up and in a hurry.