Just a Minute: Frelinghuysen critic has a Super-PAC???

There have been three stories in the New Jersey Herald about the controversy between Bank Executive Saily Avelenda and Congressman Rodney Frelinghuysen. 

There have been a bunch of other stories from around the state.  None that we read have mentioned this:

National Journal: Hotline Latest Edition (USA)

March 9, 2017

Protests, Super PAC Suggest Frelinghuysen Could Face Serious Challenge

Author: Colin Diersing

Article Text:

Rep. Rodney Frelinghuysen (R-NJ) "has never had a hard time getting re-elected. The 22-year incumbent represents a district so safe that Michael Moore in 2000 tried to run a ficus tree against him to highlight the lack of competition. ... But Frelinghuysen's streak of effortless elections may come to an end in 2018, just as he's at the height of his power as chairman of the House Appropriations Committee."

"Anti-Trump activists have incessantly called on Frelinghuysen to hold a town hall .. He's refused. And now, NJ 11th for Change has a super PAC, founded last month by Google executive Jonathan Bellack and local bank executive Saily Avelenda. ... Donald Trump won Frelinghuysen's district last year, but barely — and by a significantly smaller margin than Mitt Romney won it in 2012." ( Politico)

Nearly all of these news stories fail to provide readers with Ms. Avelenda's full title:  Senior Vice President and Assistant General Counsel of the Bank.  Yep, she is a fully-fledged member of the one percent!  Before landing her latest job with Lakeland Bank, in 2010, Ms. Avelenda was general counsel for Hann Financial Service Company, and was a vice president and counsel for Hudson United Bank.

And far from being a simple everywoman the press makes her out to be, Ms. Saily Avelenda is wrapped up with some even bigger mega-rich political operators.  Ms. Avelenda is actually a partner in a Super-PAC with GOOGLE multi-millionaire Jonathan Bellack, a guy who drops $33,400 on a single dinner ticket to hang out with Barack Obama.  $33,400 is what the average working American pays for a new car if they can afford it -- and this fancy arsed executive drops that much on some political chicken dinner?  This is courtesy of WikiLeaks:

Jonathan Bellack is a mega-rich guy who uses his vast wealth to shout down working class voters who can't throw the kind of money around that he can.  While most people worry about their kids' college tuition, property taxes, and staying out of foreclosure, just look at the kind of money this rich liberal throws around on dirtbag politics:


Joint Fundraising Contributions
These are contributions to committees who are raising funds to be distributed to other committees. The breakdown of these contributions to their final recipients may appear below

Wow, that is a lot of dough!

Here are the actual filing papers for the Super-PAC controlled and operated by mega-dirt rich corporate executive Jonathan Bellack and lawyer/banker corporate executive Saily Avelenda.  Talk about poster children for our screwed-up political system!

Really?  Really???  When did Democrat activists stop being union guys and started being one percenters, corporate executives, lawyers, bankers, owners of Super-PACs, and other corporate scum?


Super-PACs and the people who own them -- people like Jonathan Bellack and Saily Avelenda -- are the problem with politics in America today.  They have destroyed representative democracy in America.  They have destroyed our Republic.  Don't believe us -- listen to this study from Princeton University:

There you have it.  The problem wonderfully explained.  The rich one percent get their way -- the lobbyists, bankers, lawyers, corporate executives, and especially the owners of Super-PACs are responsible for the shit we are in.