Hayden blocks firefighters, endangers Sussex County

New Jersey has some of the most noxious bureaucrats in America -- renown for using their power to obstruct and destroy worthy projects just for the sake of doing so, to show-off their power, and flex their government muscles.  DEP and DOT are two of the worst offenders.


Curiously, these two have been known to cancel-out their own projects -- government projects -- over a turf war or just to see who has the biggest cojones.  In this, they exhibit the behavior of a pack of primates --threat-facing and throwing feces. 


Everyone respects and admires the vital volunteer work done by first responders and firefighters.  It is essential, life-saving work.  Only a petty, self-important bureaucrat would seek to disrupt that work. 


Such a bureaucrat is William Hayden. 


William J. Hayden (AKA Bill Hayden, Dell Hayden, Skylands Patriot ) is an 18 year public employee of the New Jersey Department of Transportation.  He works as a supervisor, based in Trenton.  Trenton sends him out on the road to regulate -- or rather, retard -- projects.  In  this way, something that should take a few months to complete, takes a few years -- and, of course, a lot more money.


Bill Hayden is the fraud, waste, and abuse the Reason Report talked about when they said how much money it takes NJDOT to do a project.  There is always some smarmy bureaucrat around to add extra time and a few extra millions onto a project.  What is unique about Hayden is that he is both the bureaucrat regulator, delaying and adding costs to DOT projects, and a candidate for office complaining about the added costs he causes as a bureaucrat regulator.  Yes, a real down-and-dirty hypocrite.


Earlier this year, the Frankford Volunteer Fire Company became one of Hayden's victims.  Hayden happened to be riding by the new firehouse they are trying to build.  In was an invitation for Trenton bureaucrat Hayden to lord-over the Sussex County firefighters.  Of course, Hayden found something wrong.  Apparently, the new firehouse driveway was one-foot off from the map.  This happens often enough.  Nearly a third of the properties in America have surveying issues -- and many are a lot more than a foot.


But that didn't stop Hayden from making the firefighters rip-up the driveway and redo it.  Instead of finding a solution that wouldn't cost so much, "Fraud-Waste-and Abuse" Hayden went full bureaucrat on them. 


This is why it costs so much to do anything in New Jersey.  Regulation and bureaucrats like Hayden.


The firefighters are a voluntary organization of people who risk their lives to protect their fellow citizens.  They are an asset to their community.  They invested a great deal of money into their new facility and every regulatory, bureaucratic delay affects the fiscal well-being of the organization. 


Torturing the firefighters over the driveway wasn't enough  for Hayden, he "found" other problems too.  Some speculate that he has a personal grudge against the firefighters, while others say it is just business as usual at the DOT.  Either way, isn't it time to order DOT bureaucrat regulators to work with important community assets like firefighters and first responders?  Instead of this "gotcha" mentality, why not smooth the way and help to get the project completed?


Hayden has responded by claiming that "the firehouse were out of conformance with their permit, and it was expired."  Well then Mr. Trenton Bureaucrat, GET THEM A NEW ONE ASAP!  Help them back into "conformance" -- this isn't a bordello we are talking about, Bill Hayden, it is a FIRE HOUSE!!!  We can do without a bordello, but a fire house is pretty darn important.


And what Trenton bureaucrat Hayden doesn't tell you is that it was his dicking around that led to the firehouse being out of "conformance" and wasting time so that its permit expired.  Hayden tries to blame his actions on legal concerns -- when he caused the delays that led to them. 


As a DOT supervisor, Hayden pockets a salary and extras more each year than any legislator earns -- plus full benefits and a pension.  Hayden is a member of the CWA -- one of the most liberal unions in America.  Hayden's union has endorsed leftwing Democrat Phil Murphy for Governor.


Hayden doesn't care enough about the issues to fill out questionnaires from the NRA or New Jersey Right to Life.  And Hayden doesn't vote much.  He made it last November, but the last time before that was 2010.  Now he thinks we should give him a second public job -- as our legislator.


Hayden is being aided and abetted by two cronies -- Nathan Orr and David Atwood -- who have chosen to endorse Hayden on the issues -- especially on those he doesn't care about.  Orr and Atwood applaud Hayden's lewd behavior and dirty tactics, and for that reason are running a joint campaign with him. 


Hayden is the Fraud-Waste-and Abuse at DOT that the Reason Report talked about.  He is a drain on taxpayers and especially, on property tax payers.