Freeholder Sylvia Petillo of Hopatcong endorses Oroho-Space-Wirths

Another email sent around that we thought we would pass along to you...

Fellow Republicans: 

I served as Mayor of Hopatcong for many years and now I serve on the Sussex County Freeholder Board.When you are in public office, residents come to you for help, and often, you need to find someone in a position to help them. 

These three gentlemen are people who I have turned to and who have helped those who asked me for help. The District 24 Constituent Service Operation is well-regarded across New Jersey and second to none. They handle thousands of matters for people each year. 

As for what they do in Trenton……Senator Steve Oroho has the best tax cutting record in New Jersey. He is a fiscal conservative who believesin facing realities and making hard choices to cut debt and balance the books. As a grandparent myself, I don’t want to see the Democrats’ bad managementcome back to haunt my grandchildren, and Steve agrees. 

Parker Space stands for “Rural Conservative Values.” Along with Steve and Hal, he is a Second Amendment Champion and a supporter of traditional family values, and Right to Life. Parker has proposed more ideas to tackle and to cut high property taxes than anyone in Trenton….55 bills in all. And Parker, Steve, -and Hal support Senator Mike Doherty’s Fair School Funding Reform. 

Hal Wirths is running for the first time for Assembly, but he served as the state’s Labor Commissioner for 7 years. As Labor Commissioner, Hal cut taxes,reformed the unemployment trust fund, prevented a massive business tax hike, and identified and ended a billion dollars in benefit fraud. Hal’s “know how”and contacts will be an incredible asset to our district. 

Please join with me in supporting the Conservative Republican Team of Steve Oroho for Senate, Parker Space and Hal Wirth’s for Assembly. 

Tomorrow, Tuesday, June 6th is election day. 

See you at the polls! 


Sylvia Petillo