The fringe cracks-up

They must have deluded themselves into thinking they were winning.  This is a phenomenon we see more and more and it is due to social media and to the ability to screen out all but the news and information that pleases you and supports your view of the world.  Many people have produced safe spaces for themselves where they are free to revel in a kind of solipsism that alters their perception more thoroughly than a strong narcotic.


And so we have Harvey Roseff, a local activist of some merit, posting on the New Jersey Herald about "mind control" as the reason for his candidates' crushing 75% to 25% loss.  He simply cannot understand the fact that people do not have the same priorities that he does, that they do not perceive the world as he does, and that they therefore do not act accordingly. 


The very things that make Harvey so unique, separate him from the Everyman.  So he plays his role -- something of a Cassandra -- but he plays it largely alone. 


The candidates Mr. Roseff supported are not his equals.  Career DOT bureaucrat Bill Hayden is an example of the waste and burdensome regulation that is a by-product of any government bureaucracy.  That Hayden attacked his opponent for funding him as a by-product of funding the state's transportation infrastructure was rather weird.  It reminded us of a German Expressionist novel. 


Nathan Orr needs to get away from home, out from under the shadow of past failures not his own.  Perhaps when he stops channeling the blind pride and arrogance that appears to be this candidate's inheritance, he will open his eyes to the people around him.  David Atwood lacks focus and seems obsessed with silly things -- like his ancestry.  Hopefully, this is just down to being new.  Young and new and as green as one can be.  He might get better with time.


All of these candidates spent the last months in a bubble fashioned by their earnest friends, supportive family members, and especially by loud-mouths like Mark Quick and Bill Hayden.  Many of their supporters fell into the same bubble -- and never questioned their perception and assumptions.


They still don't.  Now some are laughably making threats -- with Hayden threatening to lead them to a Democrat Party nirvana this November.  It has all the makings of a Jim Jones inspired soap opera:  The cult's bubble keeps bumping into reality so they defiantly isolate themselves further (for the sake of the "purity" of the cult), so when reality still invades they commit the ultimate pointless gesture of... Democrat Party nirvana.  Go ahead, drink the kool-aid. 


While the Democrats will have more money than the GOP this November, they will not have so much that they can stupidly waste it.  What little hope the Democrat high command had for Legislative District 24 has been dashed by the Republican incumbents' 50-point victory.  Such victories are generally reserved for inner-city districts with machine "lines" -- to secure one without a line is remarkable and it has been and will be remarked upon by Democrat strategists.


The county is a different matter.  Republican freeholder nominee Herb Yardley's victory was an impressive 20-plus points, but the county GOP is not in the habit of raising the resources necessary to confront the kind of determined campaign that we expect from Democrat Dan Perez.  He is a formidable opponent with friends in the GOP establishment who have already shepherded his career to a seat on the Sussex County Community College's Board of Trustees and as a SCMUA Commissioner.


The Tea Party could play a role in the election of Herb Yardley, and in the defense of Congressman Rodney Frelinghuysen.  It is up to them how seriously they want people to take them.