Matteson's absurd attacks on Parker Space

Far Left candidate Kate Matteson will attack her opponent, Assemblyman Parker Space, for almost anything.  We are surprised that she hasn't claimed yet that he had something to do with inconveniently scheduling the solar eclipse.

Matteson is a wealthy one-percenter (a real limousine liberal) who couldn't be bothered to vote in the past.  Now she's a big voice around the county telling everyone how things should be.  Don't you know?  Well according to Matteson, Sussex County is too rural, too backwoods, and we need to become more cosmopolitan and politically correct -- more like her -- and she's here to tell us how to make those changes.

Last week she was at the Newton Green arm-in-arm with someone protesting, carrying a "Black Lives Matter" sign.  Why?  Has there been an incident in Sussex County that we are not aware of?  She even posted it on her campaign website.

And Matteson has refused to comment on the position, taken by several groups she supports, to honor convicted cop-killer Joanne Chesimard (aka Assata Shakur), a terrorist on the FBI's "most-wanted" list.  The Women' March organization issued a statement "celebrating" Ms. Chesimard's birthday, praising her as a "revolutionary" and stating that Chesimard -- who murdered a New Jersey State Trooper in cold blood -- "inspire us to keep resisting." 

But instead of telling us where she stands on this cop-killer, Matteson is attacking Parker Space on her campaign website.  They even posted a year-old photograph of some nut in a swastika tee-shirt and claimed that it was Parker Space's fault that the guy was wearing the shirt.

Did they ever check with Parker to ask if he even knew about it?  Was he supposed to know that some guy in "Newton Shop Rite" was wearing a Nazi shirt?  Should he make it his business from now on to stalk the aisles of the "Newton Shop Rite" to make sure nobody is wearing an inappropriate shirt?  Maybe he should hand out tickets?

Will these leftists never end?  Now they want a wardrobe police!  And they want Parker Space to be Chief Constable of Clothing for Sussex County.  Absurd!

In the same week that these fools were trolling to find something -- anything, even something absurdly unconnected -- to attack Parker Space with, he was putting out three fires -- saving the lives and property of others.  Because that is what volunteer firefighters do -- and that is what Parker and the Space family have been doing for generations.

But Kate Matteson wouldn't know any of that because, until very recently, she couldn't even be bothered to vote.