Local Democrats caught in lie, blame postal workers.

If you ever wondered why working class voters left the Democrat Party in droves to vote for Donald Trump, you need look no further than Sussex County, where Democrats over the weekend attacked Republican legislators for keeping in touch with their constituents and went so far as to blame the good people and hard-working letter-carriers at the United States Postal Service.  The Democrats claimed that the postal service delivered the mail late, which is not true. 

Democrat candidates Kate Matteson and Gina Trish even wrong-footed fellow Democrat Josh Gottheimer who, as a Member of Congress, has the unlimited use of the United States Postal Service (it is something the bloated Congress gives itself, called "franking").  Unlike the Congress, the members of the state Legislature have no such free mail.  It must be paid for.

Democrats, Kate Matteson, Congressman Josh Gottheimer, Gina TrishNevertheless, Matteson and Trish reminded us that fellow Democrat Gottheimer was part of the team at Ford who sacked 44,000 union workers -- and then sold the idea claiming that it would help make the company more profitable for Mr. Ford.  Again, if you ever wondered why the working class gave up on Democrats...

Gottheimer also recently took credit for a grant that was applied for before he even came to office.  Last month, Democrat Congressman Josh Gottheimer put out a press release that announced a $102,000 Grant for the Wantage Fire Department.  Gottheimer's announcement, dated July 26, 2017, and released by his taxpayer-funded office, stated:

"Today, Congressman Josh Gottheimer (NJ-5) announced that the Wantage Fire Department will be receiving $102,000 in federal funds for safety and operations as a part of the Department of Homeland Security’s Assistance to Firefighters Grant (AFG) program. AFG awards allow fire departments to purchase or upgrade equipment, vehicles, workplace training, and other firefighting and fire prevention activities."

What Gottheimer doesn't say is that the grant is from 2016 -- when Republican Scott Garrett was the congressman.  In his press release, Gottheimer inadvertently points out that, under the Obama administration, money to towns like Wantage was typically held up -- in contrast with the Bush administration. 

And, once again, Congressman Gottheimer tip-toes around the source of the terrorism we face -- calling it "lone wolf" terrorism.  Willfully ignoring the threat of Islamic terrorism by calling it by another, politically-correct name, is weak-kneed snivelry.

It wasn't "lone wolf" terrorism that necessitated the creation of the Department of Homeland Security and the billions spent since.  The Congressman should not ignore the fact that these have been coordinated attacks and that ISIS, the Taliban, Hezbollah, and such are all strains of the same anti-Western, Jihadist ideology.  They differ -- as Stalin and Mao did -- but remain focused on the destruction of America and Western civilization. 

And Congressman Gottheimer still hasn't called out fellow Democrats -- like Kate Matteson and Gina Trish -- for their support of Linda Sarsour, the co-chair of the Women's March, and a self-proclaimed advocate of "jihad" against the democratically elected American government.

Yes, the co-chair of the Women's March actually called for "jihad" against the government of the United States of America.  And Democrats have mostly remained politically-correct silent about it.  Instead, state and local Democrat leaders have praised the Women's March and continue to do so -- lending their support to its leadership while American troops are in the field, engaged in a fight against jihadists.  Why have the Democrats and their candidates refused to comment on these threats of "jihad"?

Perhaps Watchdog should nominate Democrat Gottheimer for a real award -- the Walter Duranty Award -- courtesy of fellow Democrats Matteson and Trish.  The award is given to highlight egregious examples of dishonest reporting and is named after Walter Duranty, the New York Times Moscow correspondent who -- in the 1920s and 1930s -- whitewashed Joseph Stalin’s forced starvation of the Ukrainians (the Holodomor) and many other aspects of Soviet oppression.  Perhaps Gottheimer would appreciate the work done by Matteson and Trish on his behalf?

What's with these Democrats anyway?  Sure, Republicans aren't always on the ball, but Democrats always seem to make it worse.  Maybe comedian Lewis Black, a liberal Democrat himself, is on to something...