"Dishonest Kate" Matteson attacks Sparta grandmom

Wealthy liberal Kate "Dishonest Kate" Matteson continued her malicious campaign of unadulterated horse manure yesterday, when she personally attacked senior citizen Ailish Hambel of Sparta.  Hambel, who emigrated from Ireland, raised a family in Sussex County, and built a well-regarded business in Sparta, has spent her life in service to the people of her home town.  Hambel has worked with charities throughout Sussex County.


After reading a false attack made by "Dishonest Kate" Matteson, Hambel responded with a letter sent to the same newspapers in which Matteson's attack appeared.  Matteson angrily responded with another attack -- only this time, she targeted Hambel personally.


In her response to Hambel, "Dishonest Kate" Matteson misleads the public by claiming that her Republican opponents "applied" for the endorsement of the NJEA.  In fact, they simply filled out a questionnaire -- a courtesy that they afford to groups, even when they disagree with them on the issues.  Unlike Matteson, a "faux revolutionary" and wannabe "social justice warrior," her Republican opponents don't hate people just because they disagree with them.  Take Parker Space, for example.  He doesn't show up to a fire asking if the burning building is owned by a Democrat or a Republican, he puts it out!  Same way when someone needs help.  Political ideology doesn't enter into it.  Human beings are more important than politics.


The fact is that the NJEA has never endorsed the Republican legislators in Sussex County.  They wouldn't even endorse them when nobody was running against them.  They would rather endorse dead air than the Sussex GOP. 


And that's because the Republican legislators in Sussex County oppose higher property taxes and know that the NJEA's position in favor of removing the 2 percent property tax cap on local government will cause a huge leap in property taxes.  The facts show this:  Under the administrations of Democrats Jim McGreevey and Jon Corzine, property taxes rose an average of 6.1 percent a year -- triple the rate of inflation.  Since the cap, property taxes have gone up an average of just 2.1 percent a year.


"Dishonest Kate" Matteson wants you to believe that the NJEA hands out its endorsement to people who oppose them.  Sure  they do... 


No, they don't.  The NJEA endorses those who line up and kiss its ring.  Period.  If you are endorsed by the NJEA, then you are on-board for their agenda -- and a big part of that agenda is getting rid of the 2-percent cap that has been keeping property tax increases to a barely tolerable minimal.  Removing it will be a very painful experience for Sussex County taxpayers.


"Dishonest Kate" Matteson has a decision to make:  Stand with the working people who pay property taxes... or stand with the NJEA.


Get back to us when you've made up your mind.