Herald shows pro-Democrat bias in stories

Twice on Sunday the New Jersey Herald showed an extreme pro-Democrat Party bias in its coverage.  On Sunday, a Herald story by David Danzis about county school consolidation gave Republican Steve Oroho just 153 words of coverage, while lavishing 266 words on Democrat Jennifer Hamilton. 


For the Assembly candidates, the count was 244 for the Republicans and 329 for the Democrats.  329 words is more than most paid campaign mailers contain.

Danzis's pro-Democrat bias got a little ridiculous when he included a quote by Hamilton that had absolutely nothing to do with the topic of the story -- a purely gratuitous quote that should have included a "paid for by..." disclaimer:


"Often times the first question somebody asks me is ‘Are you a Democrat or a Republican?' like that's going to determine my position on every single issue," she said. "I find it interesting because it gives people an easy out. It makes it simple for them so they can say, ‘Well, I know if you're a Democrat that's not what I'm looking for.' But it also takes away from potentially electing some really good, qualified people into these positions just because of the letter they have next to their name."


Now that is a political advertisement and it plainly underscores the fact that the Herald is shilling for Democrats to a readership that is among the most conservative in the state.  In the long run, not a good move. 


Danzis could have pointed out that candidate Hamilton is endorsed by the NJEA, a left-of-center lobby group that has explicitly opposed school consolidation, which makes her statement rather silly.  On top of that, it is her party -- the Democrat Party -- that has steadfastly supported the education funding formula whereby the property taxes of wealthy professionals and corporations in Abbott school districts like Hoboken and Jersey City are subsidized by working class taxpayers in rural Sussex County.  Party does matter, because parties have policies and platforms that differ dramatically.  Danzis should be bright enough to understand that.


Also on Sunday, the Herald printed the press release of Democrat Party Freeholder candidate Dan Perez, word for word.  If the Herald is going to be a partisan campaign vehicle for Perez, it should fully disclose the relationship between the newspaper's attorney -- Kevin Kelly -- and candidate Perez.  Not only did Perez represent Kelly in his lawsuit against the Sparta Police Department, but he and Kelly together sued Vernon Township -- making the ridiculous allegation that a local grandmother was a "racketeer".   Lord, save us from the lawyers!