Family feud in Phoebusville

It can't be fun living in Phoebusville these days.  While Assemblywoman Gail Phoebus claims to find the Hank Williams Jr. band banner "disgusting" she gained a dissenting opinion from a member of her very immediate family, who apparently approved of a photo of Jill and Parker Space standing next to it at a Hank Williams Jr. concert enough to "Like" it on Facebook.


The outgoing Assemblywoman is apparently conducting her own "revenge tour" this week.  First she trashed her former running mate (Parker Space) and her former campaign treasurer (Jill Space), then she sat down to dictate a full-length blog attack on the Space family and her one-time love object, Wee Willy.  It's a very small world indeed. 


Jill and Parker Space are only the latest to suffer from the bad-karma that surrounds Phoebus' political projects.  Her first running mate lost a race she was expected to win (but Phoebus won), her first campaign treasurer's son married her daughter and it ended badly, she helped start this blog and the editor promptly died, everyone she served with on the Freeholder Board have seen their careers destroyed, and Sussex County's most experienced civil servants quit after serving under her for less than one term.  An insatiable gossip she dimed friends on the SCCC board and ruined their careers and falsely accused staff of wrongdoing.  She left the Freeholder board in the midst of a huge crisis which is still unresolved and joined the Legislature where she promptly gossiped her way out of office -- while accomplishing nothing while a member.  Bad karma all around.  And now she is about to risk her business in an upcoming legal battle.


A big part of the blog post was a lecture by Phoebus on the dangers of alcohol.  To anyone who knows her, this is nothing new.  Gail Phoebus always lectures people about alcohol or, more often, gossips about people and their supposed "addictions."  Of course, she holds no medical or psychological training with which to base such claims.  It's just gossip.  Fun.


Phoebus has claimed that, having been "clean and sober" for some years now herself, she "knows the signs."  We think it's just an excuse for what is, in our opinion, her current addiction: Gossip.


In politics, Gail Phoebus has been a ruinous storm belching clouds of noxious gossip.  It is best for all involved that she be allowed to retire gracefully into the West, instead of staying stuck in the law courts out East.