Sussex Democrats won't tackle the opioid crisis

The Sussex County Democrats talk big about tackling the opioid crisis that has hit the county in a big way.  But their record in choosing candidates says otherwise.

Most lawyers never represent anyone who has anything to do with the drug trade and the vast majority have never, ever represented a drug trafficker in court.  But somehow, the Sussex County Democrats have found candidates who do just that.

Take the Democrats' candidate for Freeholder, lawyer Dan Perez.  He represented a Mr. Daniel Melugwo, a citizen of Nigeria, who was caught smuggling heroin into the United States. 

In July 2011, Mr. Melugwo attempted to sneak heroin past U.S. Customs officials at JFK Airport.  He was apprehended and a grand jury indicted Mr. Melugwo on two counts:

- - -

Mr. Melugwo pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 46 months in federal prison in addition to fines and forfeiture. 

Mr. Perez argued that Mr. Melugwo's lacked the ability to pay a $5,000 fine -- despite the fact that he had travelled by airliner from Paris, France, into the United States and that he had $13,000 in his possession when arrested.  Perez claimed that the $13,000 should not be touched by the U.S. officials:

From the Court records, it appears that Mr. Melugwo never did pay his fine. 

How's that for justice?  $75 bucks on a $5,000 fine.  How many of you could get a deal like that? 

The Democrats' candidate for State Senate, Jennifer Hamilton, is another attorney who has blotted her copybook by taking some questionable clients.  But more on that later. 

Yes, they will argue, everyone has the right to legal representation.  That's true.  But it doesn't have to be YOU.  We don't need elected officials who have defended, argued for, and empathized with clients who are bringing the poison into our communities and who are making the addiction problem worse.

Maybe if attorneys weren't so eager to get paid to represent drug traffickers, the drug traffickers would think twice about coming to America?