McCann adopts liberal Mario Cuomo's position on abortion

Candidate John McCann recently sent out one of the most dishonest letters in the recent history of the GOP in New Jersey.  This is the same guy who said he was running for Congress because Senator Gerry Cardinale and Scott Garrett were too conservative. 

McCann is the same guy who throughout his political career claimed to follow the policies and politics of liberal U.S. Senator Arlen Specter.  The same guy whose boss -- Democrat Sheriff Michael Saudino -- campaigned for re-election on a ticket headed by Hillary Clinton.  

In McCann's undated, mass-produced letter, he appealed for support by using the cheap lawyer's device of parsing words so that they, on closer inspection, mean the opposite of what they appear to mean on first reading.  In other words, McCann tries to pull the wool over the eyes of the reader.

For instance, McCann writes:  "I am personally pro-life". 

This is the exact language used by liberal pro-abortionist Mario Cuomo, the former Democrat Governor of New York, and it's become known as  the "personally opposed, but" position on abortion.  As everyone who is Pro-Life knows, this is the pro-abortion position used by dishonest politicians trying to have it both ways.  Bill Clinton used it.  So did the Democrat running against Senator Steve Oroho last year in LD24.  It is total b.s.

And like Cuomo did in his famous speech at Notre Dame in 1984 -- "the Catholic Church is my spiritual home" -- John McCann references his Catholic faith in an attempt to appeal to those he will be voting against, should he ever hold elected office.  McCann is just a less eloquent version of Cuomo -- a less pretty veneer trying to cover over the same liberal crap.

When McCann attended a recent fundraiser hosted by the Skylands Victory PAC, he stunned those present with a weird talk about how his wife -- an ob-gyn doctor in New York City -- did not perform "late-term abortions."  What??? 

Why would a candidate running in a Republican primary in the Pro-Life 5th District even bring that up?  But there he was, assuring everyone present of that distinction.  Did McCann take temporary leave of his senses, or did someone coach him to say it? 

It's time for John McCann and his crew to just be honest about where they stand and stop playing bait-and-switch lawyer games.