Ogdensburg Debate: Mikie Sherrill fails to apologize for trashing Vietnam Vet

Is Mikie Sherrill full of shit or what?  At last night’s debate in Ogdensburg she refused to address the elephant in the room… her behavior and that of her Antifa allies in violently forcing Congressman Rodney Frelinghuysen from the race. 

Sherrill knew that Congressman Frelinghuysen was getting up there in age and that his health was in decline.  She also knew that he was one of the most bi-partisan members of Congress… known for his mild, gentlemanly demeanor, respected by both parties, willing to work with all sides to find solutions. 

This was the man Mikie Sherrill set her Antifa hoodlums on.

They screamed and shouted down old Congressman Frelinghuysen – spat insults at him, called him vicious names, trashed his name and all the good works that he stood for.  Just as Rodney Frelinghuysen was about to secure mass transit service for Sussex County… Mikie Sherrill’s loudmouths tortured the old fellow, drove up his blood pressure, rattled his nerves, to the point that he quietly exited the stage.

You lost New Jersey one of its most powerful advocates in Congress – no, not with press releases, but in his quiet way, he knew how to get things done in Congress. He secured the post of Chairman of the Appropriations Committee in 2017.  In this powerful position, Rodney Frelinghuysen would have been able to accomplish so much for our state.  Now that’s all gone.  You killed the guy who was in the best position to serve our state and don’t think for one moment that some wet-behind-the-ears freshman is going to make a patch on Rodney’s arse.

Last night, Sherrill trotted out her well-worn bullshit about being “bi-partisan”. Well nobody believes that now and nobody believed it a couple months ago, when Sherrill posed in front of a helicopter that wasn’t in Vietnam and talked about how she wants to be a “bi-partisan” force for good.  That’s bullshit.  You killed off the most effective “bi-partisan” force for good in the state when you and your dirtbag allies targeted, stalked, and drove out Rodney Frelinghuysen.

Terms like “bi-partisan” are just words to Mikie Sherrill.  In her campaign advertisements, Mikie Sherrill spouts off some more bromides like this… “For decades the people of New Jersey have been footing the bill and paying the price of Congress’ inability to work in a bipartisan manner with input from both parties… That’s why I’m running for Congress.  We need new leadership in Congress and leaders who will put partisan politics aside to get the job done for families and the communities they serve – especially here in New Jersey.”  

Wow, Mikie Sherrill has certainly strung a lot of meaningless platitudes together for that one.  

How can anyone who plays at being a member of the French Resistance while pretending that 2018 America is 1942 France under Nazi occupation even bring up the word “bi-partisan” and keep a straight face?  Mikie Sherrill and her ilk are living in an historical action video game come to life… and they are acting it out.

Some are worse than others. We all saw the outcry over the Kavanaugh hearings, the violent attacks on Senator Cruz and his wife, Senator Paul and his wife, and Senator Collins and her husband.  A mixed-race couple having breakfast at a café were set upon in Philadelphia because they happened to hold free-market ideas on economics and somebody recognized them.  Racial epithets were shouted at them by enlightened members of the “Resistance”. 

The Antifa “resistance” smashed up a United States Marine Corps recruiting office and attacked police because… heck, who needs a reason these days?  Because it is there?  

Same reason they went after Vietnam Vet Rodney Frelinghuysen… because he was there, in the way, somebody wanted the cool title or somebody wanted to do the job it took him twenty years to be in a position to do… but that’s all over now.  Freshmen congresspersons don’t get to chair the Appropriations Committee.  That’s all over now, for New Jersey, our loss… because Mikie wanted a cool title.