Brady Campaign more about killing the 2nd Amendment than protecting school children?

Sue Hannon of Sparta is the front person for Sussex County’s Brady Campaign, and a more committed spin doctor for the corrupt administration of Phil Murphy and the Democrats you couldn’t find.  She serves Murphy much in the same way a Border Collie serves a sheep herder… if you can imagine a somewhat corpulent collie nipping at the heals of a rural legislative caucus. 

While helping Governor Murphy to pass a raft of meaningless, feel-good anti-Second Amendment legislation that has not saved one life – but will endanger many – Hannon and the Brady campaign have had little to say about Governor Murphy’s hiring of criminals to high positions in his administration – including education – or the accusation by a female staffer that she was raped by a high appointee in the Murphy administration.  Then there’s Murphy and the Democrats’ push to end truth in sentencing laws, mandatory minimum sentencing for violent crimes, to give convicted felons the right to vote and to have lobbyists influencing lawmakers, and to open polling places in prisons to give the worst offender sociopaths power over government.

One Democrat – in honor of her two sons who had trouble finding a job after they were convicted and jailed for holding up a toy store at gunpoint – actually succeeded in changing the law to favor them and wanted to go much further, making it illegal for employers to even ask potential employees about their criminal records.  What happened to the right to know?  Isn’t a criminal record something an employer should know about – before endangering other employees and customers?  Why is doing the crime less of a big deal than asking about it?  Sounds nuts, but this is what Democrats are about these days.  Did Sue Hannon and the Brady campaign take to Newton Green to rally about any of this? 

The problem with the Brady Campaign’s prescriptions is that they assume the government is responsible for protecting us.  It is not.  Try suing the government or a police department for a response time that gets them there too late to stop a rape or a murder.  The judge will confirm that it is not the responsibility of the government to protect you.  In a Republic, you are responsible for your own protection and that of your family.  Many of the laws Hannon and the Brady campaign push would make it materially more difficult for law-abiding people to protect themselves from criminals – at a time when Hannon’s allies are reducing penalties, releasing criminals, and providing them with political power.

In the aftermath of this brutal assault, caught on video, Republicans pushed to strengthen the penalties for violent home invasion – especially when a child is present.  Where was Hannon and the rally on Newton Green?  Why didn’t we see it?  Is it out of fashion to consider the woman and child who suffered?  Why do we only hear from the Brady Campaign when it’s about pushing for legislation that will ultimately make this woman less safe? 

Hannon and her crew even attacked legislators who proposed hardening school security.  There is now money budgeted for this – to provide New Jersey schools with bullet-proof classrooms, doors, and locks.  It has long been determined by anti-terrorism professionals that schools are “soft” targets for terrorists and psychopaths and that hardening school security is the ONLY way to prevent the deaths of school children.  Putting up a “No Guns Zone” sign and disarming school security guards doesn’t do a thing besides advertising just how “soft” a target a school is.  American children experience hardened security when they go on vacation, when they travel by rail or by air.  Why have we left out schools?  Why do some cheer the fact that schools are less secure than county courthouses and shopping malls.

Finally, Sue Hannon – on behalf of the Brady Campaign – attacked Republican Mayor Josh Hertzberg of Sparta and the Sparta Township Council for daring to question the wisdom of decriminalizing marijuana in the midst of an opioid epidemic that is killing children every week.  According to the Centers for Disease Control, there were 63,632 deaths from overdose last year – 42,249 from opioids.  Now the Democrats – led by former Governor Jim Florio – are trying to legalize marijuana based products, including cannabis chocolate bars and peanut butter cups.  Why has the Brady Campaign adopted the position that giving children more entry ways to addiction via family access to drug-laced candy is a good idea?  Why are they ignoring the overdose epidemic which is taking ten times as many lives as does gun crime?

Is this the Brady Campaign’s position or is it Sue Hannon’s?  Is Hannon the genuine face of the Brady Campaign or a political operator who has assumed control of the campaign and who uses it on behalf of the Democrat Party?  These questions are raised by her aggressively partisan approach.  It is something for the people who run the Brady Campaign to think about.