Democrat school board candidates in Sparta object to opponents’ religious affiliation

There has been much to be proud of in the conduct of most county elections this year.  The county-wide offices offer the most diverse line-up in memory and yet you wouldn’t know it by the way they have campaigned.  The candidates for Freeholder and Surrogate have ignored the personal differences of their opponents and instead have kept strictly to the issues.  For this they should be applauded… both Democrats and Republicans. 

Not so for one of the team of candidates running for School Board in Sparta.  A supporter of the team of Jen Grana, Kate Matteson and Jen Hamilton attacked members of the opposing team of Karen Scott, Chris Arnold, and Vanessa Serrano for their connection to Roman Catholic education. 

Matteson and Hamilton were Democrat candidates for the Legislature last year, so they have the experience to know better.  Their supporter targeted Karen Scott and Chris Arnold in a letter published in a county newspaper, writing that because they taught at Pope John High School, a Roman Catholic school, Sparta should not have them on a public school board.

This is a narrow and, might we say, bigoted argument.  We hope that the team of Grana, Matteson, and Hamilton will reject such arguments and publicly distance themselves from this supporter.