If America’s boundaries are not worthy of respect… how about your front door?

We all have boundaries… lines beyond which someone cannot go without being invited.  It is something we have in common – as human beings.

A refrigerator box that a homeless veteran calls home is every bit as sacrosanct to him, as is the front door of a newspaperman’s McMansion.  Enter that homeless vet’s cardboard home and he will defend it… as quickly as that newspaperman will call the police (men with guns) if you menace his threshold.  

That caravan of migrants, some seeking asylum, others merely wanting to get into a “rich” welfare-providing nation illegally (or simply ahead of others who have been patiently waiting their turn) – the human beings there operate no less on boundaries.  Each has something they carry with them that is their own, around which they establish borders. Don’t touch their stuff or their food or person. Every human being operates on borders and boundaries.

That’s what the MeToo Movement is all about, isn’t it?  Somebody can’t just take it because they believe that they are entitled to it.  That it’s just not about how they feel… but about how you feel too.  An invitation is important.

A lot of rich people – rich and powerful people – they don’t get it.

Guys like Harvey Weinstein and Jeffrey Epstein and Matt Lauer and Charlie Rose – One Percenters like our Governor… Wall Street’s Masters of the Universe… they don’t understand boundaries and borders.  Money is arrogant. It assumes that it can invade and take whatever it wants – and it instructs those it manipulates to assume the same, generally for its own ends.

This attitude has of late been transferred to and inculcated within, an activist cadre that argues that America is a picket fence without a gate, a house without a door, a person without personal space.  These activists argue that to suggest the existence of boundaries is somehow racist. Of course, they know this is not true, because as human beings each of them maintains their own borders, which they jealously guard.  

Most American citizens agree that our country should bring in as many legal immigrants as it can, provided that the influx does not cause a decline in wages or quality of life.  Go to any theatre, bar, or dance club and they have a sign posted with the number of people who can safely occupy that space.  Posting that sign isn’t a racist act. It is common sense… and done to avoid terrible tragedy.

Post a number.  Once that number is reached… sorry, but you will have to wait.  

But that caravan of migrants, someone talked them into discarding their good manners – that you don’t barge into someone’s home unless invited – and convinced them to gatecrash America.  Yes, you can point to the activists, but they are really only paid mouthpieces. It’s who pays them that really tells the story – and behind every activist group urging migrants to gatecrash America there are members of the One Percent… rich donors and their corporate entities.

They have been at it for years – in both political parties and the media – singing the tune that America’s door swings one way.  Everyone can come here… but Americans can’t go anywhere (unless you have a corporate sponsor). They’ve hired the lobbyists to make coming to America legally a Kafkaesque proposition, but coming to America illegally a piece of cake… a human right… a birthright for anyone born anywhere on planet earth.  

Why does government make legal immigration so difficult, while actively supporting illegal immigration?  Cheap labor.  Illegal immigrants drive down the cost of labor.

The gray economy is a powerful check on rising minimum wages.  It allows so-called “progressive” politicians to play like they are helping the working class when, in fact, they are putting them out of work.  Raising the minimum wage while allowing and supporting the illegal gray economy puts blue-collar workers out of work or severely diminishes their negotiating power.

This is nothing new.  Julius Caesar was hated by Rome’s One Percenters because he pushed legislation that required them to employ citizen laborers instead of relying on slave labor.  Later, he was assassinated by them.

Today’s illegal gray labor is yesterday’s slave labor… and, because of expanding human trafficking interests, has more and more become cases of actual slave labor.  There have been cases of modern slavery adjudicated in processing, manufacturing, agriculture, health care, construction, labor, and – of course – the prostitution and pornography “industries”.  It’s tough for a single mom from Paterson to get a job to feed her kids, when she’s competing with someone who works for next to nothing. It is a human tragedy for both the single mom and the slave or the illegal immigrant being marketed and used.  A tragedy all around…

Except that some rich Wall Streeter like Phil Murphy will be smiling.  Because he’s cut labor costs. He’s shown that trailer park trash who is boss!

Like the political crook Murphy employed – who took taxpayers’ money – and the aide/alleged rapist Murphy employed – who didn’t respect a woman’s boundaries – the Governor is someone who doesn’t understand borders. Not since fellow Democrat, Alabama Governor George C. Wallace, stood on the school house steps have we seen such defiance of our federal system.  

Under Murphy, there will be less cooperation between New Jersey law enforcement and federal officials, than there is between federal officials and their international counterparts, through Interpol.  Already the biggest fiscal mess in America, with the worst property taxes, and an economy stunted by anti-business regulation (in fact, the worst state in America to start a business)… now New Jersey will be the least safe, with a hamstrung law enforcement watching helplessly as human traffickers and those who sexually exploit children set up shop in every city and town in the state… as illegal opioids and narcotics flow across the border under the shield of “sanctuary”.  As illegal gun running gangs hide behind their immigration status to hold law enforcement at bay.

Don’t believe it?  Then why is New Jersey’s urban crime rate so much higher than in other states?  That crime rate will soon be introducing itself to the suburbs, courtesy of Murphy’s new sanctuary state rules.  And meanwhile, the New Jersey Legislature continues to disarm its police officers while making nice to violent gangs, simply because of their fashionable immigration status…

New Jersey Slowly Disarming Its Cops in Fight Against LEOSA




Historically, New Jersey is one of the only states that frequently tries to neuter federal law geared toward law enforcement; perhaps no instance more evident than the ongoing battle over LEOSA (the Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act).

In New Jersey, the 2016 violent crime rate in Newark was 135.96 percent higher than the national violent crime rate average. In Camden, the 2012 statistics (the most current) saw a violent crime rate 563.3 percent higher than the national average. And in Trenton, the state capital, the 2016 violent crime rate was 239.33 percent higher than the national violent crime rate. Clearly the members of the New Jersey Legislature are missing all of that during their commute to their Trenton offices.

By comparison, New York City’s 2016 violent crime rate was only 44 percent higher than the national average. Which leads to the question: What is the New Jersey Legislature doing about violent crime in these major urban hubs?

The answer, reinforcing the taking away the guns of law enforcement.

Read further… https://www.tactical-life.com/news/new-jersey-disarming-cops-leosa/

So prepare yourselves for higher taxes, more competition for fewer jobs, and a marked decline in the quality of life.  All brought to you by your One Percenter Governor, Smilin’ Phil Murphy! And don’t say we didn’t warn you.