Grana, Matteson, Hamilton camp opposes transparency/continues anti-religion rant

Time out!  

Stop arguing that property taxpayers who happen to have a connection to Catholic education cannot serve on a public school board.

That’s the argument being made by supporters of Jennifer Grana, Kate Matteson, and Jennifer Hamilton.  It seems to be a theme being pushed by their campaign for seats on the Sparta Board of Education.  

After someone with the campaign of Grana-Matteson-Hamilton sent in a letter attacking opponents Karen Scott and Chris Arnold for their service as music teachers at Pope John High School, we gave candidates Jennifer Grana, Kate Matteson, and Jennifer Hamilton the opportunity to correct what we saw as an illogical and bigoted position. We would have happily published their point of view, just to give them the opportunity to explain why they thought Catholics should not be allowed to serve on the Sparta School Board.

Instead, another supporter with the campaign doubled down with another letter that brought up the connection with Pope John High School.  Will these bigots never stop? 

This new letter-writer made the false claim that the Scott-Arnold-Serrano team she opposes sent out a mailer. We’ve seen the mailer and it is clear who sent it out.  Either the letter writer is a liar or semi-literate.   

She also must know that the First Amendment to the Bill of Rights of The Constitution of the United States of America takes precedence over EVERYTHING and ANYTHING else.  So long as the school board has the power to impose a property tax on people and collect that tax, those taxpayers have the UNDISPUTED RIGHT to comment on those who are running for election to that school board.  

When you place your name on the ballot for school board, you acknowledge that along with the POWER to raise people’s property taxes comes the acceptance that you, as a candidate for public office, will come under scrutiny.  That your past actions, statements, and positions as a candidate for other elected offices is fair and proper areas of scrutiny and review. TO SUGGEST OTHERWISE FLIES IN THE FACE OF TRANSPARENCY AND OPEN GOVERNMENT! 

If you don’t want such scrutiny, don’t seek the power to tax your fellow human beings. 

How many families have been crushed – forced into foreclosure and homelessness – because the people elected to the school board did not undergo the necessary scrutiny and only too late revealed themselves to have little care for the concerns of taxpayers?  Never again!

Get used to scrutiny.