Democrats attack taxpayers’ rally on Newton Green

On Saturday, the Skylands Tea Party held a rally on Newton Green that collected over 150 signatures from attendees on a petition asking the Sussex County Freeholder Board to hold a referendum next year that directs county Sheriff Mike Strada to ignore the illegal Sanctuary State directive of Democrat Governor Phil Murphy and to follow federal regulations regarding the enforcement of laws to combat illegal immigration.  The petition circulated is pictured below:

Instruct our Freeholders to stand with local law enforcement:  Say NO to NJ becoming a Sanctuary State!





WHEREAS,  the Governor of the State of New Jersey has made it his policy to embrace and promote the “Sanctuary State” movement, which directs county and local law enforcement to ignore federal law with regards to undocumented immigrants resident in the United States illegally; and

WHEREAS,   the Governor of the State of New Jersey has stated that neither he nor his agents will cooperate with federal agencies in the enforcement of laws designed to protect the citizens of the United States from those here illegally who would violate our laws and endanger our citizens;  and

WHEREAS,  the actions of the Governor will create less secure and more porous borders, thereby diminishing the security of the United States and its citizens, and allowing the growth and protection of such illegal activities the trafficking in illegal narcotics (including opioids), the trafficking in illegal firearms, and in human trafficking (which is modern slavery) especially the trafficking of women and children for their sexual exploitation; and

WHEREAS,  this policy by the Governor of the State of New Jersey and his agents threatens the peace and security of the citizens of the United States of America and the residents of the County of Sussex, in State of New Jersey.

NOW,  THEREFORE,  WE THE UNDERSIGNED request that the Board of Chosen Freeholders for the County of Sussex, State of New Jersey, place a public question on the General Election ballot for November 2019, so that the qualified voters of the County of Sussex, State of New Jersey, will have the opportunity to express their opinion and to instruct their government with regards to the policy of the Governor of the State of New Jersey, above.

The QUESTION will state:  “The Voters of Sussex County, State of New Jersey, direct the Sheriff of Sussex County and his office to obey the duly enacted laws of the United States of America and all agencies of the federal government with regards to undocumented migrants illegally resident in the United States of America; and to further instruct the Sheriff of Sussex County and his office to ignore those directives from state officers and agencies that seek to undermine federal law in this regard.   YES [ ] NO [ ]

The County Clerk will provide notice of this Resolution and the Public Question at the General Election of 2019. The results of Public Question will be tabulated and maintained by the County Clerk.  A copy of the results will be forwarded to the Secretary of State of New Jersey. This Resolution shall take effect upon its final passage and publication as required by law.

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Like their Democrat segregationist forebearers, Murphy and several other Democrat governors are trying to use their offices to “stand in the school house doorway” and block the efforts of law enforcement to keep us safe.  By their actions, Murphy – a Wall Street plutocrat – and his party support the institution of modern slavery called Human Trafficking. They support the suppression of wages through the illegal gray economy and the continued use of slave and near-slave labor in the production of goods and services, including the sexual exploitation of people – especially of young women and children.  The so-called “Sanctuary State” movement is nothing but a boon to modern day slavers, funded by conscienceless corporations to improve their bottom line.

After the New Jersey Herald ran a story about the rally on Sunday, we were not surprised to see fake Facebook identities – often funded by the big name corporations who engage in slavery – go on the attack against local taxpayers who organized and participated in the rally.  Here is the CEO of one of those big name companies that exploits child labor and slavery to pad its greasy profits…

What we were surprised to find were officials of the local Democrat Party joining with these dirtbags in the attack.  What don’t they understand about human trafficking and modern slavery? Don’t they get that the slavers – even if they have cool haircuts and designer clothes and pal around with celebrities – the slavers are still the bad guys who are padding their profits off the sweat and pain of exploited children and other slaves.  Their scam shouldn’t be defended by local people, regardless of party, especially when your neighbors are standing up and doing something about it.

Shame on the Democrats for taking the side of the slavers against their neighbors here in Sussex County.  Let’s hope they wise up and join the good fight.