Democrats Matteson & Trish: hypocrites on gun control

The two losing political candidates in last year's legislative elections -- Kate Matteson and Gina Trish -- attempted to hijack yesterday's rally on Newton Green for their own political ends.  The rally was held to raise some important issues, not play politics, but Matteson and Trish turned it into a predictable attack on their political opponents -- Assemblymen Hal Wirths and Parker Space. 

Republicans Wirths and Space believe in the Bill of Rights and have worked to protect the Second Amendment rights of New Jerseyeans whether it be for hunting, sport, or self-protection.  Democrats Matteson and Trish are trying to tie that record to a recent school shooting in Florida. 

Sure, it's a piece of political spin by Democrats Matteson and Trish -- and it is certainly at variance with what the two candidates said last year, when they were trying to convince voters that they were Pro-Gun.

Last month, we caught the Sussex County Democrat Committee wanting to use school children for a political protest against the Republicans who beat them at the polls last year.  Kate Matteson is the executive director of the Sussex County Democrat Committee.

It's politics, but isn't using children to advance a partisan political agenda going a bit too far?

This is why you can't trust Matteson and Trish.  They flip-flop.  They twist and turn.  They lie.  They are the worst kind of hypocrites.  And it is all about them running again in 2019.