NJ Herald's attorney attends controversial event

Kevin Kelly, an attorney whose partner is the former Chairwoman of the Sussex County Democrat Committee, attended a private dinner and "planning session" with a national Democrat political consultant, candidate John McCann, and Sebastian Gorka -- a foreign policy advisor in the White House who was fired by the Trump administration.

In the picture above, all eyes appear to be on Kelly, who was deeply involved in the coup in Vernon Township -- as well as partnering with Democrat Dan Perez in a lawsuit against the Vernon GOP.  Kelly is the New Jersey Herald's attorney and a somewhat controversial figure in Sussex County. 

Sebastian Gorka, on the other hand, is a very controversial figure nationally (perhaps internationally).  So good job Herald! 

McCann slammed over ties to former Trump adviser Gorka - Politico


McCann slammed over ties to former Trump adviser Gorka. By MATT FRIEDMAN. 03/23/2018 05:01 AM EDT. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter. The former chairman of Bergen County's Republican Party is slamming a congressional candidate for raising money with Sebastian Gorka, a one-time adviser to President ... 

The former chairman of Bergen County‘s Republican Party is slamming a congressional candidate for raising money with Sebastian Gorka, a one-time adviser to President Donald Trump who wore a medal associated with a Hungarian group that collaborated with Nazi Germany. 

“It’s absolutely despicable. It shows that I have to assume that John McCann approves of this man,” said Bob Yudin, who chaired the Bergen County GOP from 2008 to 2016 and backs McCann rival Steve Lonegan for the GOP nomination in the 5th Congressional District. “This man seems to have sympathy toward fascists and Nazis, and this act of accepting support from him disqualifies John McCann in all ways and manners from being my congressman.”

Wow.  Looks like John McCann has pissed the bed again.