Freeholder Rose admits he attacked Assemblyman Space last year

Jonathan Rose’s Skylands blog put out some pretty goofy stuff yesterday, including the admission that it was behind a series of dishonest, personal attacks against Assemblyman Parker Space (R-Sussex) during his General Election battle against two far-left Democrats.  Why? 

Well, someone who was once close to Rose called his blog “narcissistic” and suggested that Rose was deeply jealous of the Assemblyman’s popularity.  Perhaps, but the very personal nature of these attacks is still striking. 

This comes on the heels of the attacks made by Freeholders Rose and Carl Lazzaro against their Republican primary opponent, Dawn Fantasia.  Supporters of Rose and Lazzaro (and the politician they answer to, Freeholder Boss George Graham) have called Mrs. Fantasia, the only woman in the race, many names.  They have called her a "political prostitute", accused her of "pimping" a message as a "spokesperson.”  At a public meeting, one Rose-Lazzaro supporter called her a "lackey" who "belongs in a cage like the animal you are."

One of these elected buffoons told her that her name "sounds like you should be dancing on a pole."  Another told her that "you don't belong in MY Republican party." 

Why all the hostility towards a conservative, Republican, Pro-Life, Pro-Second Amendment woman who has cut taxes and balanced budgets as President of the Franklin Borough Council?  Is it because she isn’t “one of the (Graham) boys”?