Joseph Wallace: The guy who dumped on Vernon

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A Vernon resident recently asked Watchdog to “please look into…  the illegal landfill in Vernon that is contaminating the water supply.”  We always follow-up on such requests, but this one is a bit more complex than most.  For a start, we looked at the owner of the landfill.  He has been or is currently the subject of legal action in connection with this and other dump sites.

Joseph M. Wallace has used four addresses in Sussex County, including Post Office Box 498 (496), Vernon 07462.  He also uses an address in Saint Petersburg, Florida. 

Curiously, Joseph Wallace has used the name “Joe Decker” and is linked to other individuals by that name, late of Byram, now of North Carolina.  These Deckers are important, because they appear to be the private party lenders on Wallace’s commercial property in Vernon (operated as 13 Vernon Crossing LLC).

Joseph M. Wallace has had legal issues of various natures which Watchdog will explore in detail in the days ahead.  It is important to note that there are liens and judgments arising from some of the civil actions.  All those records that are in the public domain will be detailed further.

Property owned jointly by Mr. Wallace and a Mr. Decker appear to be in foreclosure and within the past five years, Joseph M. Wallace has been in the midst of a bankruptcy proceeding.  These, and other, aspects of this now very public individual who has gained such attention by his actions in Vernon will be closely examined by Watchdog in the days ahead.

Watchdog’s goal in all this will be to try to gain some understanding of the sustainability of the operation in Vernon.  As we all know, even a very well-funded and profitably operating landfill can suffer financial setbacks that result in it becoming a run-down and hazardous waste site and a financial burden to the host community.  It is in the public interest to know the possibility of this happening here in Sussex County.

Stay tuned…