New bill helps rich LGBT One Percenters at the expense of the poor and working class

To illustrate how silly things have become, in the not-too-distant future someone will need to channel comedian Will Franken when seeking government assistance in New Jersey: “Who do I need to (sleep with) to get some help (in New Jersey)?”

Don’t know Will Franken?  He’s a regular at the Edinburgh Fringe, someone on the cutting edge of comedy.  In 2015, Franken went transgender and spent seven months living as Sarah Franken.  Franken told The Guardian, he had lived as a woman years earlier, for a few months, while a 20-something in San Francisco.  Franken is known for taking on multiple characters during his stand-up routines.  Franken, who has now “transitioned” back to being Will again, has been compared to Andy Kaufman and Firesign Theatre…

But we digress…

So why will validation of sexual preference (via a sex act???) be the new means test in the New Jersey that Phil Murphy is in the process of designing? 

ANSWER:  Because of new laws that are being passed by New Jersey’s Legislature (and then signed into law by Governor Moe-Moe). 

Assembly Speaker Craig Coughlin was recently praised by a group calling itself the “New Jersey LGBTQ Democratic Caucus”:

“On behalf of our members and our community the New Jersey LGBTQ Democratic Caucus would like to extend our gratitude and praise to the Assembly and Speaker Coughlin on passing A3162, which would create certain assistance programs for businesses owned by lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender persons, by persons with a disability, and by veterans. With the passage of A3162 the Assembly has sent a clear message that all businesses are welcome and that New Jersey rewards hard work.”

Get a load of that last line of b.s.  New Jersey is the worst state in America to start a business – with the worst business climate in America.  Are we to believe that A-3162 is really the best way to send “a clear message that all businesses are welcome and that New Jersey rewards hard work”?  How about cutting property taxes and addressing regulation???

All that A-3162 really does is to reward someone based on who they select for a sex partner.  That’s it.  Sex-based affirmative action. 

To make the legislation more palatable, the honorables engaged in the dishonorable practice of using “persons with a disability” and “veterans” as a cover.  Nobody wants to vote against something for them… and with good reason.  But we have news for Speaker Coughlin and his Assembly Democrats… bi-sexuality is not a disability and serving in the military is not a sex act.

The fact that the Democrats had to mix apples and oranges in order to get this legislation passed is an admission that the LGBTQ cause is not a popular one – certainly not popular enough for even the majority Democrats to pass it on its own merits.  We have news for the  “New Jersey LGBTQ Democratic Caucus” – selling out is not a victory.  It is an open and public demonstration of your weakness and lack of popular support.

Hiding behind “persons with a disability” and “veterans” to advance your sex-based agenda is no different than a terrorist using children and other noncombatants as a shield, to hold them hostage, to coerce an action from those legislators who would otherwise vote differently.It is cowardice and you should learn from your betters…

We blame Speaker Coughlin, when too often it really isn’t the name on the marquee that is the problem.  It’s the same reason that National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month has been ignored by the New Jersey Legislature and the Human Trafficking and Child Exploitation Prevention Act can’t get a committee hearing. 

The majority Democrats in the Legislature have allowed January to pass by without formally recognizing it as National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month – an idea that President Barack Obama came up with in 2010.  In every other state in America it’s been recognized… but not in New Jersey!  This despite the fact that the United Nations, the U.S. State Department, and groups like Amnesty International, have recognized human trafficking as the fastest growing organized criminal activity on earth.  The state’s Attorney General has pointed to plenty of instances of it going on in New Jersey, but the Legislature is ignoring it.  Why? 

ANSWER:  Because some staffer in Democrat Senate Majority Leader Loretta Weinberg’s office thinks the effort to combat human trafficking will get in the way of his sexual gratification.  So it doesn’t get a committee hearing.

It’s time start naming names and unpacking the people who whisper into the ears of those in power, who steer them.  Some legislators, Senator Tom Kean Jr. among them, have argued that staff should be outside the bounds of polite discourse – that they are somehow not political.  President Ronald Reagan disagreed.  Reagan held that “people are policy” and that who hold these positions do more to craft the politics of the day than do those who actually hold elected office. 

So it is time to take a hard look at the likes of Mickey Quinn, who appears responsible for taking the hostages for A-3162.  Not Speaker Coughlin… Mickey Quinn.

Stay tuned…