Democrats are so obsessed with Ass, they forgot about WWI

World War One… the Great War… the War to End All Wars… ended at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month in 1918.  Yes, what came to be known as Armistice Day – later Veterans Day – had its 100th Anniversary on November 11, 2018.

The New Jersey Legislature didn’t notice it.  They must have forgotten about the estimated 40 million people who died… among them 116,708 American soldiers, sailors, and marines.  Another 757 American civilians died. 204,009 American military personnel were wounded.

The Democrats who run the Legislature said piss on the dead… piss on the military, on the veterans… we have Ass, what more do we need?

Tomorrow, January 31st, the Assembly will be voting on AJR-160, a resolution commemorating the 100th anniversary of the end of WWI.  This resolution was introduced on September 27, 2018 and could have been passed before Veterans Days – in time for the 100th anniversary of Armistice Day!

Instead, the Democrats were too busy with transgendered this or that and special deals for people based on who they choose to bed down with or what gender they want to call themselves that day.  They were too busy to take a vote to remember their war dead.

The VFW is right when they said:  “There is no excuse for a vote on this bill to be delayed until 81 days after the day we commemorate the sacrifices of America's veterans.  It is shameful that laws can be fast tracked to give folks in the country illegally free college and legal representation but a day honoring veterans is put on the back burner.”

As recently as this past December, the New Jersey Assembly Education Committee heard testimony for an unfunded mandate to require that all school districts in all grades teach – not about WWI – but about the “contributions” of people based on who they sleep with.  The Democrats even brought in what they claimed to be a “transgendered 11-year-old” and behaved as if this troubled child was some sort of side-show. The Democrats applauded and congratulated the child – lauding the minor’s behavior as an act of “bravery” while casually forgetting the bravery of the 4.7 million Americans who served in World War One.

The VFW notes:

“As of January 15, 2019 there have been approximately 400 veteran & military affairs bills presented in the current NJ Legislature.  In the past 13 months only four bills have been signed into law:

P.L.2018, JR.10.  Designates October 3rd of each year as "Sergeant Dominick Pilla and Corporal Jamie Smith Day" in New Jersey. Approved 10/3/2018. (SJR75/AJR129)

 P.L.2018, c.77.  Requires public utility to charge veterans' organization residential rate for service delivered to property at which veterans' organization primarily operates. Approved 8/10/2018. (A837/S2446)

 P.L.2018, c.78 Revises law concerning reciprocity for out-of-State professional and occupational licenses. Approved 8/10/2018.

 P.L.2018, c.149. Makes General Fund supplemental appropriation of $250,000 to New Jersey Manufacturing Extension Program, Inc. Approved 2/17/2018. (A4315/S2839)” 

The VFW has been advocating get the Senate and Assembly to vote on the following:

A832 Extends Class Two special law enforcement training for time deployed. Reported out of Assembly Military & Veterans’ Affairs Committee, 2nd Reading 9/17/2018.

 A2550 Permits certain health care professionals to waive health insurance copayments for members of military serving on active duty. Reported from Assembly Military and Veterans' Affairs Committee with Amendments, 2nd Reading 9/17/2018.

 A3093 Waives boat safety course requirement for veterans and active duty members of military with maritime training. Reported from Assembly Military and Veterans' Affairs Committee with Amendments, 2nd Reading 1/24/2019.

 AJR11 Designates fourth week of March of each year as "Military Caregivers Week." Reported from Assembly Military and Veterans' Affairs Committee, 2nd Reading 6/14/2018.

 AR85 Urges Congress enact Military Surviving Spouses Equity Act. Reported from Assembly Military and Veterans' Affairs Committee, 2nd Reading 10/18/2018.

 AR163 Urges United States Congress to pass legislation to automatically enroll veterans for benefits they are entitled to in United States Department of Veterans Affairs system. Reported from Assembly Military and Veterans' Affairs Committee, 2nd Reading 10/18/2018. 

S915 Permits certain portion of municipal development trust funds to be spent on housing affordability assistance to veterans.

SCR120 Urges Congress to enact reforms addressing sexual harassment and assault in United States Armed Forces.

Let’s hope that the Democrats who control the New Jersey Legislature start showing at least the same attention to American veterans – those who are defined by their military service to the Republic – as they lavish upon those who define themselves by their sexual preferences.