The Vernon Dump: A Question of Ownership

In 2013, Joseph M. Wallace filed for bankruptcy under Chapter 7 – total asset forfeiture.  He and his former wife had owned an auto mechanic business at 13 Vernon Crossing Road, Vernon.  According to documents filed as part of the Wallace bankruptcy (case #13-14015), the owners of 13 Vernon Crossing Road demanded full possession of the contents of the business in payment for what was owed.

That left the property at 3 Silver Spruce Drive, Vernon.  According to Document 43 of the case file, Joseph Wallace abandoned said property, which is the site of the Vernon dump.  Document 47 confirms that there were no objections to the abandonment. Document 48 confirms that the bankruptcy case was discharged.

Could it be that Joseph M. Wallace is little more than a squatter and the property in question is in limbo?  If so, this opens up some avenues for Vernon Township to take to secure the property and end the dumping.

We are continuing our research.  Stay tuned…