Hate? Democrats try to label – it blows up in their face

When far-Left Democrats don’t like you, they call you a “racist”.

When far-Left Democrats read something they disagree with, they label it “hate” and then try to get it banned.

Even old-fashioned liberals like Bill Maher are sick to death of their game. As Maher recently reminded us, "If you are a liberal, you are supposed to be for free speech, that’s free speech for the speech you hate, that’s what free speech means."

Now Sussex County Democrats are publicly attacking this traditional liberal view of Free Speech and the First Amendment in America’s Bill of Rights. At last night’s meeting of the Sussex County Freeholder Board, a local Democrat operative waddled up to the microphone to belch some complaints about a neighborhood Facebook page in Vernon Township that she was offended by because… wait for it… it posts perspectives on county and town politics with which she disagrees.
Then she held up the so-called “hate” page and accused Freeholders of being “haters” for “liking” individual columns posted on the page.

The far-Left Democrat was quickly set straight by Freeholder Dawn Fantasia…

The Leftist was followed-up and supported by Sussex County Democrat Chairwoman Katie Rotondi, who has posted some rather sexually explicit items on-line (but whose right to do so is, of course, supported by liberals and libertarians alike). We just don’t get the hypocrisy.

Earlier in the year, a post surfaced in which the Democrat Chairwoman had mocked a Disabled American Veteran who had lost an eye in combat. The Democrat called him “a pirate”. She explained that she was only trying to be funny. Okay, but once again, we don’t get the hypocrisy.

Maybe we should just all learn that anything Katie Rotondi and the far-Left Democrats do is GOOD. And everything anyone else does is suspect, and probably BAD.

So get with it you “haters” and learn to self-censor. Otherwise Katie and her self-appointed judges of public morality will say you are anti-LGBTQ sex, anti-Sharia law, anti-Democrat, and whatever else the fashionable phrase of the moment is. And they will try to destroy you and your family and your business and the Bill of Rights in the process. So be warned…