George Graham appointees still running the Freeholder Board

Former Freeholder Boss George Graham may not be running for re-election, but the people he hand-picked to run Sussex County are still in positions to raise property taxes, spend Sussex County into debt, and generally f-up the whole county. The question is:  Will the new Freeholder Director allow them to continue to run the show?  

With the election of Dawn Fantasia and Josh Hertzberg last year, county taxpayers and the hard-working county employees whose job it is to provide services to those taxpayers, expected a course correction in the way the county was being run.  In January, the new board was sworn-in and almost immediately faced a wall of resistance from county establishment types – mainly the appointed so-called “professional staff” and politically-connected vendors.  

The “professionals” adopted the very unprofessional tactic of going-slow on the important reform agenda being pushed by the new freeholders.  You know, the agenda that was the reason the voters elected themin the first place. These arrogant appointees believe that they– not the voters – have the last word and that they can, in effect, overturn an election and ignore the wishes of the taxpayers as expressed at the ballot box.  These appointees are the scourge of democracy in Sussex County.

Some politically-connected vendors actually broke ethical rules by LOBBYING against reforms like Freeholder Herb Yardley’s PROMISE to enact NO MORE PUBLIC BORROWING WITHOUT VOTER APPROVAL.  Can you imagine it?  Vendors who are paid by the taxpayers of Sussex County actually lobbied AGAINST the promise on which the voters elected someone to the Freeholder Board.  That is improper, to say the least.

Of course, these vendors are fools and jackals… no elected official would dare go back on a solemn promise made to the taxpayers who elected him to office…

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A promise is a promise.  Voters don’t go for bait and switch– no matter what line of bullshit some vendor tries to sell you.

The voters of Sussex County gave Herb Yardley a primary victory in June 2017, followed by a hard-fought General Election victory in November 2017.  They followed that up by giving Freeholder Yardley a majority for him to lead with the resounding June 2018 victories of Dawn Fantasia and Josh Hertzberg, followed by smashing victories that November. That’s 4 election victories in 2 years. That’s four times the voters have asked for change.  You got your majority – now use it!

You ran on a platform that promised to put taxpayers first, that promised to stand with county workers and against patronage hires of insider “friends”. You promised efficiencies and new ideas. It is time to deliver.  It is time to take a plunger to the shit house that is county government… to unblock the impediments to positive change… to unstop what is preventing the fulfillment of the PROMISES made to the voters in those four elections.