Fred Snowflake on Deana Lykins: 900 words and not a mention of Lykins’ bankruptcy?


Fred Snowflake is a used-to-be journalist who now writes propaganda for one of the biggest slime-ball government vendors in New Jersey.  His boss’ latest project is Deana Lykins.

Deana Lykins is a lawyer-lobbyist and member of the One Percent.  She has a big house, fancy automobiles, and a wealthy lifestyle… but that didn’t stop her from spending herself into bankruptcy court.  She recently announced her candidacy for Assembly, running as a Phil Murphy Democrat.

In August of 2014, the candidate filed for bankruptcy (case #14-26076) in federal court and reported a monthly household income of $23,576.00 (that’s every month).  That’s more than the yearly income (per capita) of the average resident in a town like Sussex Borough ($20,887). 

From the bankruptcy court filings, the debt appears to be consumer or lifestyle based… with a number of credit card companies listed as creditors, as well as tax authorities.  Property listed included a large, well-appointed house, as well as a BMW, Land Rover, and a Chrysler Sebring.

Candidate Lykins is well-known in Trenton, where she worked for the Democrats in the Legislature before turning into a lobbyist for the insurance industry.  What skills she has to offer are ominous – especially in the area of keeping spending in check and balancing budgets – but Lykins would be a safe vote in support of the spending and debt agenda of Democrat Governor Phil Murphy and the rest of the Trenton Democrats. 

In the furtherance of the agenda of his boss (the slime-ball government vendor who is supporting lawyer-lobbyist Lykins), Fred Snowflake went so far as to LIE.  Yep, a really BIG LIE.  Snowflake made a false claim against a Republican, calling him “a colorful sort who caused a commotion awhile back by posing with the Confederate battle flag.” 

No, it was the banner of the Hank Williams Jr. Country & Western Band.  Now Fred Snowflake isn’t such a stupid SOB to really believe that the Hank Williams Jr. Country & Western Band Banner was around back in 1861-65 during the Civil War.  Yep, this is just Fred being a handjob… lying about someone to make his boss happy. 

We’ll make a bet with old Fred Snowflake.  If Fred can find a photograph or documentation that any Confederate military unit ever marched to war under the Hank Williams Jr. Country & Western Band Banner, we’ll publicly kiss his ass.  And if he can’t – and he won’t – we expect in fairness that Fred Snowflake publicly kiss his own ass.  At the State House will do.  In the middle of a legislative session.  Give the other handjobs something to Tweet about. 

In the meantime, if Fred or any of the other handjobs want to write about flags… well we have some suggestions for them…


This flag is the banner of a political movement… the Palestine Liberation Organization or PLO.  It is a terrorist movement responsible for the deaths of thousands of Jewish civilians – mainly women and children.  Look familiar?