Will FBI investigation of Dover First concern Bhimani?


Democrat Assembly candidate Lisa Bhimani is Congresswoman Mikie Sherrill’s best friend.  Bhimani is also a big fan of the work of a group called Dover First. The following story was reported in the New Jersey Globe recently:

FBI questions Dover officials about undocumented immigrants voting, sources say

Federal agents interviewing local political leaders today about ’18 Democratic primary

March 13 2019

Federal Bureau of Investigation agents are interviewing Dover Democratic leaders and volunteers today about local politics, including questions about undocumented immigrants voting in the 2018 primary election, two sources confirmed.

FBI agents appeared at the homes and workplaces of several local officials this morning, the sources said.

Among those questioned were supporters of Dover First, an insurgent group that won control of the local Democratic party last June and ousted three incumbent aldermen.

You can read the full article at New Jersey Globe:  


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