Andy Boden doesn’t vote Republican. So why is he running in a Republican primary?

Andy Boden’s voting record is pretty bad.  In the last decade, he’s managed to show up for a Republican primary… just once.  Boden even missed voting for Donald Trump in the Republican primary.

Now he’s a candidate in the Republican primary for Sheriff. 

But this is in keeping with who Boden is.  After all, his union endorsed leftist Democrat Phil Murphy for Governor of New Jersey in 2017.

Andy Boden is a corrections officer who is on temporary leave after a police psychologist found him unfit for duty.  Nevertheless, he has stirred up a lot of controversy with demands that Sussex County property taxpayers borrow upwards of $60 million to refurbish the county jail.  Of course, this would raise property taxes enormously in the county.

The problem with the jail is that fewer and fewer inmates are being housed there due to the Bail Reform public question passed at the November election in 2014.  It’s to the point that there are more corrections officers than inmates.  Of course, Andy Boden didn’t bother to vote in that election, but because of that election bail reform is now the law and it is responsible for driving down inmate populations and causing county jails to consolidate their operations to cut costs and the burden to taxpayers.

Boden wants Sussex County taxpayers to pay hundreds of dollars more each year in property taxes to refurbish a jail that doesn’t have a use – just so he doesn’t have to commute to a consolidated facility in Morris County.  But when the time came to cast his vote on the all important Bail Reform public question, Boden couldn’t be bothered to.  It’s selfish to want to make taxpayers pay for your convenience. 

It’s not right.