Andy Boden’s lowlife campaign.

A few weeks ago, the campaign of candidate Andy Boden met at the home of a former elected official to plot the destruction of a fellow human being. They weren’t planning a campaign about issues and ideas – but a dump on the private life of an elected official. 

They knew they were going to go low.  So they created a plethora of fake Facebook accounts through which they would get out their message. 

As the Boden people would later tell the Chairman of the Republican committee, this wasn’t about winning an election as much as it was about destroying someone. And along the way they intended for there to be some collateral damage – private, non-political bystanders who would be pulled into their scheme and publicly humiliated as useful props in Boden’s jihad against his boss.

Private human beings, with families and friends, like the name redacted below:

Screen Shot 2019-04-25 at 8.01.46 AM.png

What kind of people run a campaign that uses vulgar inuendo instead of discussing issues?  What kind of people conduct surveillance operations on their enemies and then doctor the results to make an issue of it?

And what kind of people vote for this?

The Facebook account holder who authored the pornographic post above is a name many would instantly recognize.  Until not long ago, he held public office and had the title “honorable” in front of his name. His name is not Fister Mike.  That is a fake name as well as a fake Facebook account.

Not only has the Boden campaign allowed itself to go down this road of filth, but so have a group of government employees who are currently in negotiations with the county over the future of their contract.  Associating with this will gain them no sympathy.