Andy Boden’s campaign of lies and deceit (part one)

For months we have provided Andy Boden with the opportunity to submit a column explaining who he is and why he is running for Sheriff.  Despite promises by his campaign, he has failed to do so.  Instead, candidate Andy Boden has sent out a cacophony of outright lies and deliberate misinformation.  Here are just three examples.

LIE #1: Boden’s campaign claims that County Clerk Jeff Parrott informed Sheriff Mike Strada that Boden stopped by the Clerk’s office to pick up petitions to run for Sheriff.  This claim is directly disputed by County Clerk Parrott, who counters that neither Boden or his campaign ever came to the Clerk’s office and that Boden secured his petitions on-line, the same way most everyone does.

LIE #2: Boden claims that he was ruled “unfit for duty” because he was running for office.  The public testimony of the police psychologist who ruled Boden “unfit for duty” makes it very clear that Boden is not being honest:

      A.     The whole point of the fitness-for-duty evaluation in many cases is to avoid things getting to that point.  We are -- you know, as the IACP, we're looking for conditions that are going to impact someone's ability to safely and effectively do their work.

We want to keep that environment safe.  We also want to treat people compassionately.  And if we see that someone is under duress, to try to intervene and help them.

            Fitness-for-duty evaluations are often seen as punitive in nature, but they don't necessarily have to be or need to be.  The idea is to intervene much in the same way as an EAP and get someone help before there's an incident, before someone does get injured or before something becomes career ending.

      Q.     Based upon the information that you had received and gathered during the course of this assessment, could you rule out that Lt. Bannon (sic) wouldn't hurt somebody prospectively if allowed to work while getting therapy?

      A.     I could not rule that out.

      Q.     At any point did you tell

Lt. Bannon (sic) that he had passed the assessment?  Boden.  I'm sorry.

      A.     No. We don't give anyone results, pass or fail, at the end of the evaluation.

      Q.     Does somebody pass?

      A.     They are found fit to return to their duty.

      Q.     Right. Or unfit.

      A.     Or unfit. And then when unfit, they are given conditions with the goal of restoring fitness.

      Q.     And your case -- and in this case, what were those conditions to restore fitness?

      A.     Lt. Boden was to engage in individual treatment outside of the treatment

that he had already been receiving with his wife with the sole purpose on managing his stress

level, identifying coping mechanisms that work for him so that he could return to his position.

      Q.     And in the meantime, as an individual who was unfit for duty, he should not be working while receiving that initial treatment, correct?

      A.     You cannot return to duty if you are found unfit.

LIE #3: Boden claims to have had no knowledge of the filthy doctored video that was sent around in an attempt to damage Sheriff Mike Strada’s family.  The video also attempted to destroy the reputation of an innocent young firefighter. It was found to be a FAKE and totally false by the media and law enforcement.  But despite Boden’s protestations to the contrary, a statement from Sussex County Republican Chairman Jerry Scanlan makes it very clear that it was the Boden campaign behind the release of the filthy, doctored FAKE video:

On April 20thand then again on April 22nd, Emmett McDowell emailed me as a member of the Andy Boden for Sheriff Campaign, asking if I could meet with them for a few minutes to discuss “a matter that I believe is of some importance to the party”.  We agreed that I would meet them at the Hampton Diner on April 22ndafter 6pm.

I arrived at approximately 6pm and Emmett and Ed Pandisuia greeted me.  They were seated to the left toward the back of the dining area near the door to the meeting room.

They proceeded to tell me that they had hoped to run a spirited campaign against the Sheriff, knowing that they were under funded and unlikely to win. They indicated that as a result of the actions taken against Andy Boden, other individuals were upset and set out to obtain a video… They indicated that the video was of the Sheriff (not in uniform) and a young woman Stillwater firefighter (in uniform) engaged in inappropriate behavior…

We spoke for what was probably no more than 20-30 minutes in total.  They indicated that since the issue had the potential to have a negative image against the party, they thought it was appropriate that they let me know it was coming.

Wow, what a couple of scumbags!  The above is the direct testimony of the Republican Party Chairman regarding the attempted shakedown that occurred before the FAKE doctored video was released.  Clearly they knew all about the video that nobody wanted to take credit for.

McDowell and Pandisuia owe it to the Strada family, the Stillwater firefighter and her family, the Sussex County Republican Party, and to voters of Sussex County to step up and reveal who made the video. We know that they know.  Will they do the right thing?