Boden won’t debate. What is he hiding from the voters?

Candidate Andy Boden has been making a lot of accusations against Sheriff Mike Strada, but when he had the opportunity to make them to Strada’s face, Boden chickened out.  

Instead of giving Mike Strada the opportunity to challenge Boden’s accusations, Boden has enlisted  the help of Murphy Democrats to trash Sheriff Strada, the Republicans on the Freeholder Board, and Republican Assemblymen Parker Space and Hal Wirths.  Real scumbag stuff.

Boden originally claimed he wanted to debate,  but then when he went face to face against Strada at a candidates’ forum on May 2nd, he went all soft.  Instead of making the accusations that he so frequently makes behind Strada’s back, Boden actually praised Sheriff Strada.  And there is a video witnessed by dozens of actual voters to prove it (see below).  So are the accusations all bullshit?  Or is Boden just limp?  Either way it isn’t very encouraging in a candidate who wants to lead the county’s top law enforcement agency.

Our problem with Andy Boden is who he’s chosen to ally himself… a bunch of scumbag Leftists and the list keeps growing longer and longer and scummier and scummier.  Anti-police, anti-Republican, anti-taxpayer, anti-Trump bottom feeders like Sarah “lips” Wallace.  Boden chose to make that dried out old wind bag his media guru.  And he chose Wallace (is there a relationship to the Wallace-dump Wallace of Vernon???) knowing that she is being sued by fellow law enforcement and after a Judge in New York flipped out for her actions to destroy the case against a gangland murderer.  Boden’s choice sucked – but he refuses to own up and apologize for it.

Boden’s timing is suspect too.

He went out of his way to surround himself with Murphy Democrats at a time when Sussex County, the Republican Party, and President Donald Trump are doing battle with Democrat Governor Phil Murphy over his attempt to make all New Jersey a Sanctuary State for illegal immigrants – even known criminals! 

Murphy and his far-left supporters are trying to force Sussex County into submission and Boden appears to be good with that.  In fact, Andy Boden refusedto back up the Freeholders on their ballot question giving voters the opportunity to voice their opinion on the matter.  When Boden had the chance, he went limp again.  

If Andy Boden became Sheriff he would meekly submit to the Murphy Democrats and work with them to tighten the leash around the necks of Sussex Countytaxpayers.Anyone interested in standing up to Governor Murphy and his Sanctuary State scam should have nothing to do with limp Boden.