Video: Democrats try to criminalize “White Americans”

An orchestrated effort is going on by Socialists within the Democrat Party.  Leftist “new” Democrats like Tom Malinowski, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and Ilhan Abdullahi Omar say we need to “worry” about “White Americans”.  They claim that white Americans are the real terrorists.  On Saturday, Congressman Malinowski published an opinion column claiming that white Americans are the biggest terrorist threat. 

As if on cue, an organization using the name of corrupt former State Senator Ray “pay to play” Lesniak sent out an email claiming that the AR-15 is the “weapon of choice of white supremacists.”  This email was stupid for a number of reasons.

First, every terrorism expert knows that the “weapon of choice” for 90 percent of the terrorists around the world is the AK-47, a fully automatic Soviet-model weapon. Of course, an old wanker like Ray Lesniak would never blame a weapon made by his old Communist comrades, so he blames an American-made weapon instead.

Second, the email claims that the AR-15 is the modern day equivalent of the M-16.  That is a lie.  The AR-15 is not a military grade weapon and Ray “the hand” Lesniak should know that.  For a start, the AR-15 isn’t an automatic weapon, while the M-16 was the U.S. Army’s standard issue automatic rifle for decades.  No military would send its troops into combat with the AR-15.

In fact, the AR-15 is something that would have been useful had Ray Ray decided to put up a fight when a couple of young rough boys broke into his house a few years back.  But then, why would he?

Third, the idiots who put out Lesniak’s email used a photo of a very scary paint ball gun to show just what an “assault weapon” used by a “white supremacist” looks like.  That’s right all you paint ball enthusiasts – now the Democrats are accusing you all of being “white supremacists” (even if you are Black, Hispanic, or Asian).  Yeah, you can’t make this b.s. up. 

This madness knows no borders.  A Pennsylvania state legislator also got the Malinowski memo.  He decided to use it to harass an old “white lady” and several “white” teenaged girls.  The legislator called them racial names – calling them out for being “white”. 

It looks like Tom Malinowski’s dirtbaggery is becoming the fashion statement of the moment.  Stay tuned…