Boden: If elected will follow Murphy on Sanctuary State

We owe the New Jersey Herald and journalist Jennifer Jean Miller a thank you for her coverage of a somewhat poorly attended meeting in Hopatcong at which candidate Andy Boden promised that he would back up Democrat Governor Phil Murphy on his Sanctuary State scam.  We are all fortunate that someone was there to record what happened. It was reported in today’s Sunday edition. 

It is important for this reason:  Andy Boden wants to be Sussex County’s new Sheriff.  Current Sheriff, Mike Strada, along with the Freeholder Board – everyman and woman of them – is standing tall against the Leftist agenda of Phil Murphy.  They are opposing efforts by the Murphy administration to undermine federal enforcement of border controls and immigration law.   They oppose the millions in new spending and services the Murphy administration is giving away to those who, uninvited, choose to crash our borders.  

While he cuts funding to the children of Sussex County citizens, Phil Murphy has signed directives to spend more on education for illegals.  While Sussex County property taxpayers are being forced into foreclosure, Murphy is spending more on housing for illegals.  While Sussex County residents worry about covering their health insurance co-pays, Murphy makes sure that illegals are fully covered.  Under Murphy, illegals even get free legal assistance to fight the Trump administration’s efforts to enforce the law passed by successive Congresses and Presidents of both parties.   

Our Freeholders passed an ordinance to put the question to county voters and allow them to decide if they want their Sheriff, who they pay, to (1) follow federal law as passed by Congress, signed by successive Presidents of both parties, and upheld by the United States Supreme Court; or (2) follow a directive from Governor Phil Murphy. Like all authoritarians, Phil Murphy fears giving people a voice, so he had his appointed sock-puppet of an Attorney General send a letter to Sussex County telling them “no ballot question” and that, while illegals have their so-called rights, the citizens of Sussex County don’t even have the right to vote under the Murphy regime.

Yes, Venezuela has come to Sussex County.  First, Trenton Democrats imposed economically crushing restrictions on the county through the Highlands Act (while turning a blind eye to the actual dumping of hazardous materials in the county), then they slash county education funding (while funding criminal regimes in so-called Abbott districts), and now they strike at democracy itself.  The right to vote.   

Sheriff Mike Strada is standing up to Murphy and has reached out to the Trump administration for help.  

Our Freeholders are standing up to Murphy and have refused to back down.

Others are taking the chicken run.  

The County Prosecutor, who is appointed by the Governor but paid by Sussex County taxpayers, was afraid and issued a weak statement that made nobody happy.  Other lawyers in government, angling perhaps for a judicial appointment from the Governor, have made similar mewing.  The weak, the frightened, the gutless are always among us.  George Washington and our Founders had to contend with American Tories who sought favors from King George until our final victory.  It happens.

But we should not be promoting them to higher office.

That’s why we owe theHerald and Jennifer Jean Miller so much.   They covered an obscure meeting in Hopatcong, but their coverage revealed how we were about to be sold out by Andy Boden.

When asked about Democrat Governor Murphy’s Sanctuary State scam and his Attorney General’s directives that implement it, Andy Boden replied like a true gutless, ideological liberal.  He said, and we quote the newspaper, “If the attorney general comes up with guidelines, by law I have to follow them."

That is bullshit. By law, you “have to” follow the Constitution of the United States of America.  Federal law trumps a state directive. 

Andy Boden is kissing Phil Murphy’s butt because he wants to, not because he has to.