It is time to recognize Sept 11, 2001 as a “Hate Crime”

Most Americans would agree that the September 11, 2001, attacks on New York City and Washington, DC -- along with the hijacking and destruction of a passenger jet over Pennsylvania -- were crimes motivated by hate.  In the aftermath of the attack, no less than the President and the United States Attorney General agreed with this assessment. 
Now go to the U.S. Justice Department's Uniform Crime Report for 2001.  The report counts 12,020 victims of crimes that were the result of the "offender's bias."  7,768 of these were victims of "crimes against persons", with another 4,176 counted as victims of "crimes against property." 
Among the victims counted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation's Hate Crime Data Collection Program were 554 victims of "anti-Islamic" bias crimes.  According to the official USDOJ/FBI figures for 2001, just 10 people died (murder/non-negligent manslaughter) in the United States as the result of crimes motivated by hate.  By our count, that is 3,037 victims short. 
The count of homicides in New York City for that year does not reflect the 2,823 victims of mass murder at the World Trade Center; or the 184 victims at the Pentagon; or even the 40 victims in Somerset County, Pennsylvania.  They were all left out of the murder count.    
If you read the official homicide figures for 2001, you will find that the deadliest month in 2001 was July -- and that September actually experienced a drop in homicides from August before rising again in October.  This is not the fault of the FBI, who do their best, but who are, after all, servants of a political class more interested in the preservation of power than in honest and transparent government.
Isn’t it time that the United States government recognize the victims of September 11 ,2001, as victims of a “Hate Crime”?
How meaningful is the term “hate crime” when the victims of September 11, 2001 are not counted?  The term is a scam, a hypocrisy, when it ignores those dead.
Of course, we know the term “Hate Crime” is a very subjective one and too often it has been used as a tool of partisan politics by less than honest folks trying to score points against their opponents. 
Congressman Tom Malinowski likes to change the subject and direct us to the fashionable new threat of “white supremacy”.  You are encouraged to spy on your neighbor because he or she might be a “terrorist”.  Malinowski ignores the fact that he’s supported by Action Together New Jersey, a group that works with CAIR (the Council of American-Islamic Relations) which has been named a “terrorist organization” by one of America’s closest Islamic allies.   

Hey, says Malinowski, what does an actual Islamic government know about what motivates Islamic terrorism anyway? Why should we listen to them? And so he goes on aiding and abetting while trying to focus the attention of Americans on each other.

Of course, Tom Malinowski really doesn’t give a hang about actual Muslim people anyway. He totally dissed the Muslim Rohingya minority in Myanmar, as they were suffering from what the United Nations called "genocide". This was when Malinowski was a top official at the State Department. Later, Tom Malinowski joined a business venture that sought to build Myanmar’s economy while the government of Myanmar was exterminating actual Muslims in an actual case of genocide.

Apparently the term “Islamophobia” only applies to speech… not to genocide.

Democrats like Congressman Malinowski (and, it must be said, quite a few Republicans) appear unable to call out acts of hate motivated by a belief in radical Islam or by the impasse between Palestine and Israel. But as Democrat Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard points out, these same Democrats (and their GOP counterparts) are quite content to support actions against Islamic civilians and send the American military into the field to fight and die against an Islamic enemy.

The great hypocrisy of woke Democrats is to support war-making candidates for President (and, with Tulsi Gabbard pushed out of the debates by the Democrat Establishment, they are ALL wannabe “warriors”) while complaining about “Islamophobia” in others.

Hey Establishment Democrats!!! If you really care so much about ill-will between working class Americans and Muslims, then stop sending working class Americans to war against Muslims. Stop telling people to be careful about what they say, but that it is okay to kill (when instructed) or to support policies that kill. Stop the violence you are doing instead of trying to monitor the speech that is a natural result of the violence that YOU send people to commit.

In the end, this is all about the absolution of sin. The people screaming “white supremacy” the loudest know their policies kill actual everyday Muslims, so they seek to change the focus so that they can feel good about themselves. The fact that they blame the very people who they send to war to fight Muslims is horrific.

Perhaps such hypocrisy itself should be labeled a “Hate Crime”?