After caving to group that compared Christians to Hitler, Sussex County Community College puts on a drag queen show.

Whether you like it or not, a venue supported by your property taxes is hosting a drag queen show on December 21st.  Ah yes, the Christmas season.  Or should we say Xmas?  

The event is called “The Queens of the County” and property taxpayers are advised to “come witness Sussex County Community College’s FIRST EVER Drag Show”.  It is being held at the taxpayer-constructed Building A at One College Hill road in Newton. 

Look, if somebody wants to invest in and open a private venue – a bar perhaps – that features drag shows, good for them.  We wish their business well.  But when it’s done at a taxpayer-supported venue (paid for by some of the highest property taxes in America) we think those property taxpayers should have a say in the matter.

But apparently those Elites who make up the Board of Trustees of the Sussex County Community College think that they can do whatever it is they want to with taxpayer-supported facilities.  Heck, they’ve already spit on the Bill of Rights and the civilized concept of due process, in favor of trial by lynch mob.  

The  Sussex County Community College made it clear they favor trial by lynch mob when they promised an investigation into accusations against one of their own trustees and then went ahead and ousted him based on the demands of a mob led by Democrat County Chairwoman Katie Rotondi.  You know Katie Rotondi…

Yes, that is her, telling the taxpayers of the world (and everyone else) that life “sucks a bag of d*cks.”  Nice.

Rotondi is notorious for comparing Christian belief to “Hitler” – something the Democrat Committee applauded her for – and something the trustees of the  Sussex County Community College failed to examine when they caved into her demands to remove one of their own members.  As Katie says… “F*ck you, I love you.”  

Did you get that, SCCC Chairman Bill Curcio?  Do you approve?