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County insider Dan Perez = more solar scams

Some people say that having a liberal Democrat on the Sussex County Freeholder Board will add an independent set of eyes to the board.  That might be the case if they were arguing for Bill Weightman or even Leslie Huhn -- but not Dan Perez.

Because while he may be a Democrat, Perez owes his last two patronage appointments to the very same boys on the Freeholder Board.  The same politicians who were responsible for the solar scam debacle appointed him to the Sussex County Community College Board of Trustees.  The same politicians who gave a no-bid contract to a New York City law firm to do a 62-page study costing the property taxpayers of Sussex County $518,000 appointed Perez to a job on SCMUA. 

Now Perez uses those patronage jobs to claim he is "qualified" when it is actually the proof that he is part of what he claims he disapproves of.  How can Perez take their money but not be tainted by the acquaintance? 

Remember that Dan Perez was all set to file a complaint against the bond attorney he claimed was responsible for the solar fiasco.  But after that bond attorney sent a nice fat check to a Freeholder's re-election effort, Perez dropped his complaint and didn't oppose the re-appointment of the man he claimed was responsible for the Sussex solar scam.

Does Dan Perez sound like a reformer to you?  He doesn't to us.