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Democrats put virtue-signaling before public safety

Over the weekend, Sussex County’s volunteer firefighters held their annual parade in Franklin. At the event, one of the contingents of volunteers proudly displayed a Trump banner. The reaction was predictable.

Instead of thanking the brave volunteers who daily keep their families safe from harm and death, local Democrats began calling town halls trying to have the firefighters “removed” or “suspended” as volunteers. Evidently, their loathing of Donald Trump is more dear to them than the safety of their own children.

Who would replace these volunteers next time a house caught fire was not a consideration by the Democrats, all that mattered was that they supported Trump so they had to go. It was reminiscent of a story that circulated early in World War Two, during the Battle of France. A wounded German officer was brought into an Allied dressing station. He needed a blood transfusion, but upon hearing that it was “French” blood, he refused it. The German bled to death.

The Democrats are like that German. They would rather burn to death than tolerate volunteer firefighters who support Trump. Yes, they are crazy. They are stone cold f*cknuts.

Volunteer firefighters willingly risk their lives for their community. But apparently putting your body on the line for your neighbors isn't good enough. The Democrats want your mind too. They want to control and regulate how you think and express yourself.

If the Democrats succeed in their action against the volunteer firefighters, they will also succeed in raising property taxes. If volunteers are driven out of voluntary firefighting companies, that would pave the way for paid fire departments. That would undoubtedly require a hefty property tax hike to fund it. So the Democrats are, once again, acting true-to-form – virtue-signaling and raising property taxes!

We owe a debt of gratitude to volunteer firefighters like Assemblymen Parker Space and Tony Bucco, and former Freeholder Phil Crabb. They come from families who have for generations volunteered to risk their lives in service to their communities.