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Phoebus accused of pension-padding by Skylands

The Skylands crew really got their wires crossed over the weekend.  The same guys who put together the Gail Phoebus campaign committee brought up a very negative incident that occurred during Gail Phoebus' tenure as a Sussex County Freeholder.

Calling it a case of "pension-padding," Skylands blasted the awarding of a 3-year contract to then County Counsel Dennis McConnell.  Here's what they had to say about it:

Somebody didn't do their research, because Freeholder Gail Phoebus voted for that contract.  In fact, the vote was unanimous.  So if it was a case of pension-padding, who let it happen?

Is George Graham throwing Gail Phoebus under the bus in order to score points and improve his standing?  A recent poll conducted in Sussex County revealed that voters thought more highly of Freeholder Phil Crabb than they did Freeholder George Graham.  And the Freeholder Board in Sussex County is poorly thought of by Sussex County voters.  This is not the case in neighboring Warren County. 

The findings from the poll will be covered in greater detail later this week.

Stay tuned...