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Lawsuit against Gray details fraudulent practices

David Gray started his campaign for Freeholder under a cloud.  He is being sued under New Jersey's Conscientious Employee Protection Act.  The plaintiff, Juliette Bresnahan, worked full-time as the office manager of David Gray's law firm.  Here are some details from the case:

". . . around mid-October 2015, Gray informed Bresnahan that he received a tax bill for around $62,000.  Gray indicated that he was unsure how he would pay this bill. . .

. . . Gray's directive was aimed at intentionally falsifying and fraudulently increasing the bills to generate more revenue to the firm to extricate it from its current financial predicament."

Read the entire complaint against Gray here.

David Gray then made the mistake of turning his campaign over to a woman who used it to take personal revenge on people she has long hated.  Yesterday's email attack on Kelly Hart is only the latest in a series of toxic exchanges between this woman and individuals she hates in Sussex County. 

Hart is the daughter of the late Mayor of Hardyston, Ken Kievit, a very generous supporter of the Sussex County Republican Party and its candidates.  Hart's mother has continued the family's tradition of generous support to the party and Republican candidates at all levels of government.  To illustrate how sick and personal this is, note that this woman was once a friend of Hart's family but, after a sordid falling out, is no longer.  Apparently she resented Hart for the same reasons that older, fading women sometimes resent younger ones. 

Indeed, this woman has often resented younger women -- especially younger women with children, for some odd reason -- and even viciously attacked Alison Littell McHose on the blogs, adding McHose to her list of victims.

Hart has been the victim of poison pen letters sent through the United States mail (that federal authorities attempted to trace).  These illegal letters used the exact same topic and the exact same language that the Gray-Gorman campaign used in yesterday's email. 

David Gray has allowed this woman to pollute his campaign.  Indeed, the Gray-Gorman campaign and its supporters have been attacking Kelly Hart, her family,  and her children for months in emails and on websites.  Yesterday's email was only the latest violence done to Hart, her family, and her children.

From all the attention she's getting from Gray-Gorman, you could be forgiven for thinking Kelly Hart's name was on the ballot.  It isn't, and that is what makes this so sick, David Gray has allowed one of his supporters to turn his campaign into her personal masturbation ritual. It really is psycho.

Instead of focusing their attacks on the people they are running against -- their opponents -- the Gray and Gorman campaign is pursuing the personal vendetta that one woman has for another.  Real sick stuff and shame on Gray and Gorman for being a party to it.

Cheers for Sussex County Republican Party Chairman Jerry Scanlan for calling out this bad behavior.

Cheers for Sussex County Republican State Committeewoman Jill Space for standing up for  Kelly Hart.