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Regina Egea: New Jersey at a Crossroads

Regina Egea is one of the smartest thinkers on public policy in New Jersey.  An M.B.A., former AT&T executive, state Treasury Department official, and Governor’s Chief of Staff – Egea also served in local government as a Deputy Mayor and School Board Member.  As President of the Garden State Initiative, she is collecting the data, studying the issues, and coming up with solutions to New Jersey’s most pressing fiscal concerns.

Along with NJGOP Chairman Doug Steinhardt, Regina Egea is redefining the mission of New Jersey Republicans.  With Steinhardt punching through to challenge the Democrats’ dead end tax-and-spend-and-waste thinking, Egea is providing the policy prescriptions that will inform the narrative on why Republicans should be elected.

Regina Egea was recently interviewed by Andrew Coen, the Northeast Regional reporter for The Bond Buyer, a leading publication covering state and municipal finance, for the publication's podcast.

This edition of The Bond Buyer Podcast is appropriately titled “New Jersey at a Crossroads”. In the interview, Coen and Egea cover a broad array of topics facing our state, including: Governor Murphy’s economic philosophy and his relationship with the Legislative leadership, the debate over tax incentives, pension and benefit reform, the state’s economic outlook and how GSI is playing a role in economic policy making.

The podcast, which is approximately 20 minutes, is available for download here.

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