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Shouldn’t FIGHTING FIRES FOR FREE give you the right to express yourself at your own event?

Volunteer firefighters put their necks on the line every time they get a call to come out for a fire or some other emergency. Because they do it for FREE, as an act of kindness to their neighbors and community, they save taxpayers millions each year in Sussex County (billions nationally).

Now Democrats and their far-Left allies are trying to destroy the fire protection services in one Sussex County town. Initially, they called town halls to request that volunteer firefighters be “fired” or “removed” because the Democrats were “offended” when the volunteers displayed a Trump banner at THEIR parade.

The Democrats have gone to the IRS with the claim that by displaying the flag, the volunteers “endorsed” a candidate. The Democrats are pushing to have the fire department investigated by the IRS and “eliminated”.

One snowflake actually wrote about how he feared that volunteer firefighters would not show up to rescue someone of a different political point of view. To make matters worse, the Editor of the New Jersey Herald – a newspaper that has a number of good writers – came out in support of the IRS complaint against the volunteers and repeated this same nonsense.

Well here is a newsflash for that snowflake… and for the Editor of the New Jersey Herald: The membership organizations of paid firefighters endorse candidates for public office ALL THE TIME – every year, every election, every office. So does the PBA and the FOP for the police. They take sides… and send money. Is anyone concerned that these formal endorsements will affect the services they provide? Has the Editor of the New Jersey Herald ever expressed concern about this?

And how often does Governor Phil Murphy use law enforcement as props at political announcements? He orders them to stand behind him when he comes out with nonsense like the Sanctuary State directive which law enforcement plainly believes is dangerous. The Governor is not a police officer or a firefighter but he uses them for politics, pure and simple.

How many political organizations have a non-profit side to go with their political action committees and lobbying organizations? There are literally hundreds that operate in New Jersey. People like George Soros and the Koch Brothers have created political empires while hiding vast fortunes in so-called “non-profits” that are little more than a means for them to shape policy and get their way (and make more money). But there are lots of smaller lobby/political operations disguised as “non-profits” too. They keep just this side of the letter of the law, mostly, while grossly violating the spirit of the law. Where is the outrage?

The group Action Together New Jersey claims that it is a non-profit. Most of the leadership of the Sussex County Democrats belong to it. It is a shadowy, far-Left group, but you won’t read about what it gets up to in the New Jersey Herald.

On February 10, 2018, Action Together New Jersey accepted an award from Linda Sarsour. Among those accepting the award was Action Together New Jersey’s Sussex County Co-Chair. Linda Sarsour was recently kicked out of the Women’s March for her anti-Semitism.

Sarsour is a controversial Democrat activist who has praised the notoriously anti-Semitic Louis Farrakhan, cop-killer Joanne Chesimard, and the anti-Semitic BDS movement. In 2017, Sarsour famously called for “Jihad” against the elected government of the United States of America…

The award that the Sussex County Co-Chair picked-up was in recognition of the political campaigning done by Action Together New Jersey in coordination with a group called CAIR, the Council on American-Islamic Relations. Presenting the award was CAIR National Chairwoman, Roula Allouch, and CAIR-NJ Founder, Ahmed Al Shehab.

Due to its apparent ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, one of America’s most important Islamic allies – the United Arab Emirates – has designated CAIR a terrorist organization.

The New Jersey Herald actually covered an event organized by Action Together and CAIR – a pro-Sanctuary State rally on Newton Green – but nobody mentioned that the group was officially designated a “terrorist” organization. And it is an Islamic nation that gave CAIR the designation. An Islamic nation in which American military personnel are currently serving in peril to their lives – our neighbors, sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers. We think that’s important. We think you should be aware of that. There are those in the media who would sooner suppress that information.

Action Together New Jersey is in the forefront of the drive to push the Democrat Party in New Jersey to the far-Left. They even bash other Democrats who get in the way of their agenda. For instance, they have joined CAIR in opposing the bi-partisan efforts of New Jersey Congressman Josh Gottheimer (D-5) to push back on members of the so-called “Jihad Squad” (far-Left Democrats Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, and Rashida Tlaib) in their attempt to promote the anti-Semitic BDS movement. It’s a fact. There was a vote taken. You might not read about it. But there it is.

If the Democrats and their allies succeed in breaking the backs of the volunteer firefighters in one community in Sussex County, what will happen? Will the current trained firefighters be “removed” as the Democrats have asked? And who will they be replaced by, the next time a fire happens, or some other emergency? A paid department that will require a large property tax hike?

And curiously enough, that new paid department will have a membership organization that will most certainly ENDORSE POLITICAL CANDIDATES and write checks to political campaigns. Then you will have both higher property taxes and real political activity to contend with, not the one-off expression of a group of un-paid volunteers having some fun at THEIR event that they earned by risking their lives again and again and again.

The far-Left is on the march, taking over or destroying every community organization and service in its path, pushing out common sense and fiscal responsibility. The Action Together New Jersey crew represents the very radical far-Left of the Democrat Party – and it has taken over the Sussex County Democrat Committee.