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Why did Freeholder Lazzaro fail to file his NJELEC reports on time?

The lack of transparency is a big problem with the Sussex County Freeholder Board.  Freeholders Jonathan Rose and Carl Lazzaro campaigned on a platform of open government and a promise to govern transparently but have done anything but.  No-bid contracts negotiated and handed out without the knowledge of the Board.  And backroom dealing is so commonplace that county insiders knew Jonathan Rose was the next Freeholder director before he did.  Before the vote was taken, it had been published in the Freeholder agenda. 

This even filters down into the conduct of the campaign.  While Jonathan Rose has been diligent in filing his campaign finance and expense reports with the New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission (NJELEC), running mate Carl Lazzaro missed a year's worth of filing deadlines and only recently filed them all at once.


Perhaps this was in response to the trouble Freeholder boss George Graham got himself into by running afoul of NJELEC?  You can read the New Jersey Herald's report here: 

Freeholder hit with election commission complaint

The New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission has filed a five-count complaint against Sussex County Freeholder George Graham for allegedly failing to comply with state law regarding campaign contributions during the 2013 election season...