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Vernon: Burrell won’t say where he stands on Murphy’s illegal Sanctuary State scam

The New Jersey Herald is reporting that Vernon Mayoralty candidate Howard Burrell has refused to take a position on Democrat Governor Phil Murphy’s Sanctuary State directive that protects criminal illegal immigrants from being detained for federal authorities. According to the Herald:

“During the forum, the mayoral candidates were asked to weigh in on two hot-button issues - same-sex marriage and immigration.

Both said they would have no objection to performing same-sex marriage ceremonies but differed when asked about New Jersey Attorney General Gurbir Grewal’s directive limiting the degree to which local and county authorities may cooperate in the enforcement of federal immigration laws. A ballot initiative supporting the position taken by Sheriff Michael Strada will ask county voters in the upcoming election whether county resources should be made available to ICE for this and other purposes.”

Burrell said he would support the Governor’s directive or, as he put it, “support the rules whatever they are.” His opponent, Dan Storey, said: “I support the sheriff wholeheartedly, 100%”

The Murphy administration claims its directive is designed to build “trust” with illegal immigrant communities. In fact, by limiting the cooperation between local and federal law enforcement, the Murphy directive creates a “sanctuary” for all sorts of criminal behavior – including human trafficking, the sexual exploitation of women and children, the illegal importation of narcotics and opioids, and the illegal importation of firearms.

Howard Burrell is already in some controversy over a potential campaign finance reporting violation. It is common knowledge that a late summer poll was conducted on behalf of Burrell, an announced candidate for the non-partisan office of Vernon mayor. It is understood that the poll was conducted for Burrell’s campaign and paid for by a major developer in Sussex County.

It was a “live caller” poll – not a push-button one – and so the cost must have been upwards of $10,000. Certainly something of value.

The current mayor’s son received the polling call – as did dozens of others. It was conducted over several evenings and was rather lengthy, testing the name identification of each of the three candidates for mayor. So why is there no mention of it on Howard Burrell’s mandatory campaign finance and expense report filed on October 5, 2019, and available today for inspection?

Screen Shot 2019-10-16 at 6.25.53 PM.png

Howard Burrell was a Democrat Freeholder until he was defeated for re-election in 2002 by 4,000 votes. He managed Democrat Dan Perez’ 2017 Freeholder race against Republican Freeholder Director Herb Yardley. Perez lost by 7,000 votes.

We note these things because Howard Burrell should, by now, understand New Jersey election law. The rules are clear about reporting both monetary contributions and “things of value” – like a poll.

It is important for candidate Howard Burrell to explain why the expenditure for polling was not listed on his mandatory campaign and expense report. Was it an oversight? We will await his explanation.