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A Sussex Grandmother on tomorrow's GOP primary

We saw this email and decided to distribute it.  It makes a number of good points.

From: "Andrea Bunny Cocula" <>

Date: Mon, 5 Jun 2017 13:13:33 -0400

To: 'Andrea Bunny Cocula'<>

Subject: Vote for Experienced Republicans OROHO-SPACE-WIRTHS


Vote for Experienced Republicans we Respect

Tomorrow's Republican Primary offers a clear choice between those who know how to get things done and who get things done vs. big talk and nothing to show for it.

Senator Steve Oroho has helped thousands of people in Sussex County and District 24. 

He is New Jersey's number one tax cutter and since 2011 has been responsible for billions in tax cuts to help business grow jobs, for senior citizens, for consumers, veterans, family farms, and working families.  He's brought back millions in property tax relief and prevented property tax increases that would have added nearly $600 more onto the average yearly bill.

Assemblyman Parker Space leads the legislature in proposing ways to tackle New Jersey's high property taxes -- with 55 bills that address every aspect of this problem.  Along with Steve and Hal, he supports Senator Mike Doherty's Fair School Funding Reform.  Like Steve and Hal. Parker is a Second Amendment champion and a fighter for the Right to life.

As Labor Commissioner, Hal Wirths cut millions in taxes for business and prevented a business tax increase.  He reformed the state's unemployment trust fund and tracked down and eliminated a billion dollars in benefits fraud.  Hal balanced the books when he was a Sussex County Freeholder, cut spending, and reduced the debt.  He will make a great Assemblyman.

Opposing them is a Trenton bureaucrat who has used regulation to gum up the works of worthy projects here in Sussex County, a young man who has yet to pay a property tax bill, and another candidate who has never voted in a Republican primary.

That's why I support Steve Oroho for Senate, Parker Space and Hal Wirths for Assembly.  Experience matters.  Doing counts for more than big talk.  Thank You ~ Bunny ~