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Why is the NJ Herald misreporting what happened?

Why are they repeating Democrat talking points that are factually incorrect?

On Wednesday evening, August 14th, the Sussex County Board of Chosen Freeholders held a scheduled meeting to discuss placing a public question on the November ballot to address the Murphy administration’s illegal Sanctuary State directive.  A ballot question was proposed.  It passed with every vote. 
This was representative democracy at work… in an open public meeting…
Except that the so-called “Democrats” were there to stop the vote from ever happening.  At the direction of the same State Democrats who strong armed Jersey City Mayor Michael Fulop out of the gubernatorial primary in 2017, Sussex County Democrats tried to shut down the meeting and stop the vote from ever happening.
Sussex Democrats were instructed to use the occupancy code to try to have the Freeholders meeting cancelled until after the August 16th deadline for public questions to appear on the November ballot.  They contacted local officials and had them come to the Freeholders meeting to do an occupancy count.  The Democrats were more than matched in turnout and their plans were stymied by Skylands Tea Party President Bill Hayden, who had his people leave the meeting.  The Sussex Democrat coordinating the operation was heard reporting back on her cell phone:  “Our plan failed.”
The New Jersey Herald published the Democrats’ talking points, reporting that “an estimated 150 persons” were in attendance, which would be over the capacity of the meeting room.  In fact, a Fire Marshall was formally in attendance for most of the meeting and his count – the official count – never went above 76, which was below the room’s capacity.  Why did the Herald publish something that was factually incorrect?  
At the meeting, the Democrats’ used tactics that were right out of the Antifa handbook and disgusted citizens who had come to the meeting to participate in democracy and open government.  Some went to social media to comment on what they saw, including the gentleman below:
 “I was shocked to see the way the democrat operatives used phony issues and outrages to basically try to shut down the vote. The way they pretended they couldn’t hear, the way they sabotaged the audio system before the meeting, the way they pretended their (sic) was a fire code violation and the hearing had to be shut down...we aren’t just fighting for issues here, we are fighting for our constitution, our way of life. The democrats are really Bolshevik thugs.”
Katie Rotondi wants to be the Madame Defarge of Sussex County politics.  Since becoming Chairwoman of the Sussex County Democrats, she has led stalking parties against her neighbors in Sussex County. 
Like Charles Dickens’ villain in A Tale of Two Cities, Rotondi operates out of hatred towards those who disagree with her “revolution” and revenge on Sussex County for having voted for Donald Trump.  As she can’t stalk everyone, Rotondi focuses on high profile figures in Sussex County as symbols for all of Sussex County. 
Rotondi stalks them, finds something to be offended about, whips her mob into a frenzy, and then demands that her victim is removed.  This metaphorical “beheading” was the ultimate fate of those victims of mass persecution during the French Revolution.  Their only “crime” was to fail to think or speak in line with how the Katie Rotondies of the world want everyone to think and speak. 
The Board of Trustees of the Sussex County Community College (SCCC) has allowed its newly-hired legal counsel – a Union County Democrat machine law firm – to politicize the college.  This far-Left firm displaced a Sussex County firm and is very controversial in its politics and practices.  The politicization of the SCCC is very troubling and runs contrary to the rules governing the college.  The lobbying by Democrats and the coordination with the Board raises serious concerns. 

Is this what happens when the Sussex County Democrat Chairwoman doesn't get her way? Good luck, Congressman Gottheimer.