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Democrat Deana Lykins lied. NJTV corrected her.

Trenton lobbyist Deana Lykins lied. That’s a fact.

Lykins in the Democrat candidate for Assembly who is running against incumbent Republican Assemblymen Parker Space and Hal Wirths. She is running with fellow Democrat Dan Smith, an attorney from Orange, New Jersey.

Lykins and Smith were invited by NJTV to make a video about their campaign. Lykins took the opportunity to lie about Parker Space and Hal Wirths. Lykins accused Space and Wirths of sponsoring what she characterized as Governor “Chris Christie’s gas tax”.

That statement is not true – and NJTV made candidate Lykins change it because it was false.

Assemblyman Parker Space campaigning against the gas tax in 2015 and he consistently opposed the gas tax, which was part of legislation designed to refloat the ailing Transportation Trust Fund (TTF). Hal Wirths was not a member of the Legislature when the gas tax was proposed, debated, voted on, passed, and signed into law. He played no part in it.

As a lobbyist in Trenton, Deana Lykins would have known all of this. Lykins was in a position far nearer the action than the average citizen or even the average political player. She knew all of this but appears to have lied anyway.

Here is a copy of the letter from NJTV. Read it and ponder Lykins' disregard for the truth.

How can the Democrats expect the people of Sussex County and the 24th Legislative District to place their trust is someone like Deana Lykins? She was caught in a lie and should apologize for it.